Recently Gartner published its Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

Recently Gartner published its Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

For those of you who may not be familiar with this, it’s a report that ranks web content management systems (WCMS) and vendors in a quadrant based on a two by two axis:

  • Completeness of Vison: Looks at potential and future chances of success. A vendor that has superior vision would anticipate, direct and initiate market trends. 
  • Ability to Execute: How well a vendor sells and supports its WCMS product globally

It’s important to note that only vendors who have a turnover of $17 million are considered and this has to be based on revenue from licensing, cloud offerings and technical support and maintenance.


What’s interesting is how accurate Gartner are with their assessment. Based on my personal experience and in-depth knowledge of both Kentico and Sitecore for example, I can verify that Gartner have got it spot-on for these two vendors and accurately sum up my views and those of my colleagues.

The key outstanding areas mentioned about Sitecore include:

  • Sitecore’s ability to balance its feature set whilst maintaining interoperability with third party software.
  • Sitecore’s Data Exchange framework and emerging cloud-versatile microservice architecture
  • Sitecore’s SBOS (Sitecore Business Optimisation Services) Programme

The key outstanding areas mentioned around Kentico are:

  • Strong relationships with Agency partners
  • Positioning around the mid-market with the emphasis on platform usability for this market
  • Transparent pricing structure

Gartner have also accurately mentioned some areas of concern:

  • For Sitecore there are concerns around the complexity of their xDB strategy and difficulty in working with Sitecore directly, as well as complexity in cloud adoption.
  • For Kentico, the concerns were around the dual product strategy of Kentico Cloud vs Kentico EMS, the lack of focus around the full customer journey, and issues around upgrades and customisations limiting the ability to take advantage of new features.

Most of the concerns reported by Gartner can generally be eliminated by working with a knowledgeable Agency/Partner, particularly where Sitecore is concerned. 


ClearPeople have strong competencies with Microsoft’s Azure cloud offering and have already deployed a number of Sitecore implementations in the cloud. With regards to Kentico, the experience of working with a trusted partner can ensure that the right offering is selected. As such a trusted partner, we can demonstrate strong expertise in software development that can mitigate any issues around limitations in customisation.

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Manoj Shah
Digital Technical Consultant
Manoj is a Digital Technical Consultant


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