An often cited benefit to moving your web apps and websites to the cloud are the cost savings you’ll make not having to manage the IT infrastructure yourself. While this is true, there is still the question of how you will go about monitoring and managing the investment you’ve made. After all, disruptive and relatively new technology like cloud hosting can work for or against your IT Roadmap.

As an example, consider how underutilized resources being hosted on Azure are a major cause of wasteful spending. An organisation needs to be able to see these resources against their spend to initiate cost-saving actions and not find their name’s signed onto a blank cheque.


Hanu Insights provides you end-to-end visibility of your Azure spend, allowing the management of your financial investment in the cloud. Furthermore, this is provided within Azure itself using a familiar interface and making a seamless experience throughout your Azure environment. At a high level Hanu Insights will:

  • Control all roles with total visibility and self-service simplicity
  • Assure enforcement of all cloud policies and best practices
  • Reduce cost with time-bound VM provisioning
  • Easily customize all tools to fulfil your specific needs

This month we’ll be taking a quick look into Hanu Insights, allowing you to see how this application could be a critical part of your cloud strategy.



The strikingly familiar Hanu Insights interface allows the user to view a summary of all resources currently being monitored on the home panel. An overview is provided of your Azure environment, along with finer metrics such as average consumption throughout the day and its associated cost. ‘Trends’ on the dashboard allow you to see usage spikes over a period of time, enabling better decision making for when your Azure consumption peaks.


dashboard, azure

Furthermore, each subscription in Azure can be broken down by cost, to pinpoint where most of your costs are occurring and recurring month after month.



Resource consumption is also visualized by each resource, and conversely can be clicked into to find individual subscriptions it is associated to.


resource consumption, azure


Below is an example of being able to drill down into the line by line breakdown of each resource with its value (cost) and subscription name.


resource name, azure, windows

A deeper look in to Hanu Insight

While the dashboard provides an informative view of resource spend in Azure there are still views that can provide a deeper understanding of resource cost as they relate to certain organizational goals or projects. For instance, in the Projects tab we are able to see billing per day as it relates to a specific project, and all the resources required for it.


projects, windows, azure

In this tab we have all the relevant information for each subscription in a variety of different views and interactivity. For instance in our ‘Billing per day’ view we can see the total bill per subscription, but upon clicking on the value we would be able to break down the view of that subscription to show the billing over a period of time (monthly).


analysis, azure, windows

Likewise, clicking on a month allows us to analyse at a deeper level by viewing spend per days in the month.


azure, windows

At this point, we have the information divided by subscription/month and also by each day of the month. We can go a further step selecting one day which will show a list of records of each cloud service used that day against other useful metrics.


analysis, azure, windows

This is the most granular we can get when analysing azure spend, the daily cost for each resource of one subscription. The greatest benefit the transparency of information gives is a peace of mind to those who are hosting services on the cloud and need to keep abreast of budgets and spend. Hanu Insights allows us to can study the behaviour of the cost graphs and detect usage patterns that would allow long term cost savings.


Incidentally it’s also possible to join different resources in groups, this depends on resource groups assigned in Azure. You can group the resources that you want in the same group by whatever means relevant to yourself (not just projects).


We could go on about the benefits of Hanu Insights all day, but hopefully this quick glance at how it has helped us manage and accurately report on costs has given you confidence in making the leap over to Azure.


Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to go over your cloud strategy and where Hanu Insights could fit in.

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Ivan Diaz
Ivan Diaz
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I deal with our clients' support tickets related to both SharePoint and Azure. I try to satisfy their requirements in the best way possible in a timely manner, and always with a smile. There's no better sense of satisfaction than fixing a complicated issue that our clients will thanks us for.


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