2015 saw incredible leaps in technology advancement and adoption. Companies are heavily investing their budgets in technology to stimulate growth and efficiency in the office space. The tech environment is constantly evolving and making way for more impressive tools to enhance workflow and increase profits. I have researched the tech you want to keep an eye on in 2016.


Cloud Computing

The Cloud is a technology that companies cannot afford to miss. 2015 saw even more companies and sectors adopt the cloud. Cloud computing enables a number of benefits such as increasing efficiency, reducing call on IT resources, minimising costs and enhancing collaboration, as well as being flexible, agile, and able to offer up-to-date security features. Dell curated a study revealing that companies investing in cloud technologies lead ‘to 53% greater growth than peers not adopting these technologies’, and at least 90% of companies will be using one form of cloud services.


My personal favourite part about cloud-enabled technologies is that it allows colleagues to collaborate on various aspects of work. I am able to access my documents from anywhere and contribute in real-time on a proposal my entire team is working on, simultaneously.




Google Glass showed us the raw potential of wearables, and now our sights are set on what will come next. Health wearables are now taking the market by storm. New devices enable enhanced movement tracking, heart-rate monitoring, calorie counters, and diet guidelines. Consumer Affairs predict wearable tech in 2016 will be the top trend in Fitness. They are planning to be your all-in-one healthy buddy and more.



Webroom not Showroom

Millennials prefer webrooming and take to the web to purchase items. Amazon still leads the race and has set the bar for more sites to follow in its footsteps. As more and more companies are migrating from the shop to the web, the necessity for multiple showrooms is deteriorating, and the need for web development is sky-rocketing.



Cyber Security

With the Sony hacks and celebrity iCloud scandal still freshly in our minds, it’s important to understand how to protect yourself in 2016. More companies will leverage cloud-based cybersecurity tools for a broad range of critical services, such as real-time monitoring and analytics, threat intelligence, end-point protection, advanced authentication, as well as identity and access management.



Mass Personalisation

Personalising content has been an objective in the marketing agenda for ages. In 2016, personalisation takes a step forward by using even more data to make your online experience as unique as possible. Context rich systems provide enhanced, often real-time experiences to the consumer. Marketing and communications are tapping into the journey each customer takes and making each interaction purposeful and intuitive.


Context marketing is the newest buzzword on the scene; click here to see what we think about it!

Big Data and Beacons

As our company data grows exponentially, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage. Our digital environment means that we are now more connected than ever, and the volume of information accrued needs to be managed to decipher more business opportunities, develop in-depth user profiles, and generate more personalised content. Big data management companies are on the move and are able to manage your data needs.

Beacons are currently the silent heroes for many companies. It allows access to a vast amount of untapped data. Beacons can determine the amount of times an individual has passed or spent at a store and even more specifically, the amount of dwell-time spent at a precise location within the shop. Beacons provide an organisation with insights on how to make improvements such as where to relocate staff and/or particular items. They also provide a new way of collecting data to make the most of your offerings.


The Digital Workspace

Technology, culture and design combined are taking our workspace to the next level. Evolving technologies can effectively optimise employee experience and engagement across all devices regardless of location and device. The digital workspace is evolving and is ready to take full-force in 2016. We believe in the digital workspace so much we put together a whitepaper detailing what you need to know.


Robots taking over junior jobs?

Luckily, not quite yet. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more sophisticated than ever, but it isn’t quite ready to take our jobs. It can handle Big Data and help us out in many ways, but to do my job you also must be creative and social, something AI has yet to learn. The Drum recently asked us if we think AI will replace the role of junior marketers - check out our response.


Courting the consumer

Millennials want to feel more connected with those they do business with. They are no longer brand loyal and are more willing to change banks, phone companies and more at the drop of a hat. The millennials are shifting the consumer-business relationship by forcing them to become more engaged with the customer if they want to gain or retain their business.


Enhanced office culture

A great office culture promotes success. Office culture has a massive impact on profits and can even be measured and quantified. In 2016, more companies will invest in creating a greater company culture to enhance the way colleagues work together towards common goals to increase efficiency, performance and success. The enhanced Digital Workspace of course is central to a collaborative working environment. The Week has published a guide on how to improve workplace culture.


Sharing Economy

Heading on holiday and need a little extra cash or looking to live like a local? Building on the ancient saying, ‘’sharing is caring’’, AirBnB, ZipCar and Uber are building on said philosophy by allowing you to share your property (homes, cars and more) with those in need. Our technological approach towards a sharing economy is not a trend and is here to stay and grow in 2016. The aforementioned companies offer reduced rates on vacation homes and cars rather than paying full-rate/price-gouging prices for hotels and airport car rentals. Give it a try when you’re next researching your holiday!


The Fun Stuff

3D Printing

3D printers are now cheaper than they have ever been and can be used for virtually anything. From printing parts for Boeing airplanes and NASA, to model buildings, prosthetics and even body tissue, 3D printing is only just getting started. 2016 is the year 3D printing takes flight and ‘are expected to double in 2016’.



Amazon drone delivery

A delivery in under 30 minutes? Amazon is trialling drones as we speak to deliver your reasonably sized items to your doorstep by air within 30 minutes. Their drones will travel over 50 miles per hour and will be able to ship roughly 86% of the products sold on Amazon. The FAA in the United States is currently examining Amazon’s appeal to use airspace for their unmanned Arial vehicles.


Augmented reality

2015 was the introduction of Oculus Rift. Now companies are creating next-gen applications to make way for a gaming revolution. Most leading vendors have announced several new device launches in 2016, such as Sony and Microsoft. ‘The virtual and augmented reality market is continually progressing and is expected to turn into the next big consumer electronics device’.
With the ability to literally tell 360-degree stories, companies will be able to engage with their consumers like never before.




If you're interested in knowing more about these trends or would like to talk to one of our consultants about your projects for 2016, please feel free to contact us.

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Jeremy Kramer
Jeremy Kramer
Business Development Consultant
I help clients to see the business value of .NET technologies and build effective digital strategies. As well as developing meaningful long-term relationships with clients, I love all things tech, and stepping out on the tennis court. Some say that Roger Federer learned how to play from watching me.


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