There’s good news and bad news. The good is news is that you have an intranet. It means that your company values communication, productivity and collaboration. The bad news? Your intranet may not be operating at its full potential and isn’t helping you get your work done.Here’s a list of 5 key indicators that your intranet needs a refresh and some tips to help you along the way. If you find that your intranet corresponds to any of these qualities, it’s time to speak with one of our superhero Consultagents to get you sorted! 

1. Antique information

It may sound obvious, but as your intranet sits there gathering digital cobwebs and prehistoric data, content quickly becomes out of date and the reliability and authenticity of information becomes questionable. An intranet can be rendered useless if the information and knowledge it holds is not relevant to your work. In short, your intranet has become a dumping ground and it needs some serious updating, love and organisation. Which brings us to our next warning sign…


2. Poor organisation

If you’re finding yourself frequently frustrated at the lack of relevant content within your intranet, it’s time to introduce some changes. Every intranet is tailored to your organisational needs; this means that the structure and taxonomy of your intranet is carefully constructed to make your intranet experience as useful and seamless as possible. Organising your content is all about consistency. Make sure you have implemented a content strategy that will help to clean, update and maintain the information and content on your intranet. Additionally, a content audit will help you to understand what content you already have to make the tidy-up that little bit easier.


3. Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Search is a major component of an intranet. Whether its finding a colleague’s profile or searching for particular content, optimising your search capabilities is a must. Are you struggling to find what you are looking for? The quality of your intranet’s search functionality can be the difference between intranet adoption or rejection. Search can be one of the greatest frustrations of an intranet - it is critical for intranet users; if they can’t find the information they are looking for, it may as well not exist in the first place.


Our consultagents are at the ready to help you with techniques and solutions to improve search accuracy and scope.


4. Not collaborating?

The Digital Workspace has revolutionised the way we work together. Through the proliferation of information, content distribution and online social interaction, your intranet is a hub of information that enables colleagues, departments and offices to truly communicate and collaborate on projects together.


If you have noticed a decline in the exchange of information and/or collaborative efforts towards business objectives, it’s time to investigate what’s hindering employee collaboration. Take a look at your intranet’s analytics page to discover any key findings that may give indication as to what obstacles your users are encountering. Also, make sure to communicate via surveys, questionnaires etc. to go directly to the source to rectify any issues.


5. Lack of Governance

Is your intranet a free-for-all? When it comes to governance, your intranet can be separated into two components – making decisions and implementing them. If your intranet isn’t supporting your business goals, your governance model may need some tweaking.


Take a look at our governance wheel below to benchmark against your current model to determine what you may need to refine.

We've got a lot more tips and whitepapers to help you along your intranet journey. Feel free to give us a ring with any questions you may have or browse our Resources section for some more great content.

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Jeremy Kramer
Jeremy Kramer
Business Development Consultant
I help clients to see the business value of .NET technologies and build effective digital strategies. As well as developing meaningful long-term relationships with clients, I love all things tech, and stepping out on the tennis court. Some say that Roger Federer learned how to play from watching me.


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