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Imagine this – it’s 26 degrees outside and you’re walking along the Thames listening to that perfect tune. As each song changes, it puts another skip into your step, not caring about the incoming stares. All of a sudden you break out into a full-on sprint and your workout begins – full speed ahead!

The essential playlist is the one thing you can count on to get your mood going. Up the tempo to work up a sweat, or relax to your favourite line-up of acoustic tracks. Or when you’re feeling a little melancholy, why not wallow in some emotive power ballads?


Whether you’re on your evening run, sitting at your desk typing away or gearing up for that epic night out, the essential playlist is personalised to your mood and a key element to spice up your day.

What’s your favourite song in your playlist? And what the hell does this have to do with the Digital Workspace


Take a peek at the similarities between this and other essential items on our Essential Communications Intranet page. 

Author bio

Ricky Wallace
Ricky Wallace
Marketing Manager
I manage the delivery of ClearPeople’s marketing strategy. When I’m not getting excited about delighting customers with exceptional experiences, researching the latest tech trends or analysing data to glean insight, I’m often seen dancing to Little Mix or watching Emmerdale.


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