ClearPeople is all about simplification. We want you to enjoy using the technology that helps you perform your daily tasks. We design beautiful user experiences to make your day more enjoyable and we employ highly skilled technical specialists to hide the complexity of the underlying technology as much as possible.
When it comes to delivering the projects that result in these great user experiences we also want to make our clients’ lives simpler. With this aim in mind we have created our Essentials range – frameworks that give you a big leg-up to deliver the core elements of your digital workspace – a modern reinterpretation of your daily working environment.

Unfortunately, project delivery remains an area where it is difficult to hide complexity, but we do our best by utilising an agile delivery model that we have honed so that we can give early visibility of deliverables so that clients can prioritise their investment throughout the project.

Our aim is to minimise upfront documentation because we understand that our clients rarely understand the complex details contained in heavyweight functional specifications and, equally, we can’t possibly understand the nuances of their business in a few short weeks. Our Essentials frameworks enable us to show our clients core elements of the digital workspace solution so that they can better understand the art of the possible and the inevitable constraints inherent in any platform.


Once our clients understand more about the functionality available to them, we deliver work in short two-to-three week sprints. We agree what work will be prioritised in each sprint and at the end of a sprint we demonstrate the fruit of our efforts to the client’s project board, which will always include the original visionaries and budget holders. Our clients can quickly see whether we are delivering business value and adjust our focus for the subsequent sprints to ensure that we deliver the most value possible in the shortest time.  Sometimes during a sprint demonstration, clients see new opportunities for the digital workspace that could unlock incredible business value.  By adjusting the trajectory of the project they can take advantage of the new opportunity without having to stop and investigate a completely new project.

Working in this agile fashion reduces friction – our team and our client’s team are working together to prioritise effort and unlock hidden value – and greatly increases the likelihood of a positive outcome for the project, but there is still a risk that the new digital workspace won’t deliver the levels of user adoption and user satisfaction that guarantee long term business value. To counter this risk, we embed a Transition Manager and User Adoption Specialists in the project from the very start and these team members come to the fore as we move towards go-live.  By ensuring that communications are in place, training has been properly considered and that there are ways to measure user adoption and to collect feedback, we can continue to work in an agile manner post go-live to exactly match the solution to the needs of the increasingly knowledgeable users. The digital workspace should never be a static place to work and our approach reflects the dynamic nature of the modern workplace.

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Barry Wakelin
Barry Wakelin
Operations Director
I worry about delivery excellence, ensuring that we delight our clients and focus on quality. I like to use the experience that has resulted in my grey hair to help clients make the best decisions about their technology investments, which in turn helps secure a strong long-term engagement.


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