Yammer, perhaps known in your circle of friends as "Facebook for work", is maybe the most under-appreciated collaboration and community tool in Microsoft's product shelf. We at ClearPeople are a massive fan of the application and feel it's helped us realise our digital workspace goals and define our online culture in a way we couldn't have done otherwise.
We also understand the apprehension many of you have towards using Yammer in your organisation. Oftentimes we've found end users might self-police their behaviour to refrain from posting, as to not seem like they're 'time wasting'. Not to say you can't have fun on Yammer, but it can be used to coordinate work on projects and provide other value-adding deliverables to your business.

And therein the main issue lies...People simply aren't that clued up on how they could or should use Yammer!

For the next two months we're going to be providing you with some tips on how to use Yammer, which will hopefully get your users more engaged and ready to start yammering on...

  1. When posting documents to Yammer, save original documents in your document management solution and post the link in Yammer, this will ensure a single source of the truth as files uploaded to Yammer cannot be edited
  2. When talking about something topical or relevant to users in future, use hashtags to add topics to your posts. Topics are the most effective way to search for posts later
  3. When you want to keep up with a conversation, use the bookmark feature to follow a post that you are not tagged in, or to record its location for future use
  4. When creating a new group, it’s important to have a clear direction for the new group. Search existing groups to ensure it doesn’t crossover with existing groups. To encourage engagement and adoption, it must be easy to choose the correct group to post items in
  5. When you have an important document for a group, use the ‘Pinned’ section in each Yammer group to add links and make them quick and easy to find
  6. Use the search box on the left to search all of Yammer. Use the search box on the right to search the current group only
  7. To get a particular person in your organisation's attention to look at something you’re posting, remember to @mention them in your post so they receive a notification that a post requires their attention
  8. When posting to Yammer via email, type ‘- -‘ at the end of your message to automatically stop your email signature from being added to the Yammer post
  9. Modify your email notification settings to only receive emails for the events you wish to be immediately notified about
  10. When you have an important message to post to a group, use the ‘Announcement’ feature, this will ensure the message appears at the top of the group for a set period of time. It is also recommended that you leave email notifications on for announcements
If you want to talk more about utilising Yammer at your organisation, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to talk to you through your digital workspace strategy.


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