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  • The number of worldwide email accounts was projected to increase from over 2.9 billion in 2010 to over 3.8 billion by 2014
  • Enterprise Storage Requirements are increasing 50% a year
  • The Average $1billion company maintains 48 desperate financial systems and uses 2.7 ERP Systems
Data is predicted to grow over 4 times in the next decade. The number of IT professionals is only growing 1.4x. Today we are seeing unprecedented data growth coming from traditional file shares, compliance needs, Email, document libraries, intranets and other types of data sources. This age of Information Workers means this data presents a huge challenge for Enterprises, with increasing burden on infrastructures, IT budgets, Users, auditors and the business in getting access to data when required. When we consider 70% of IT budget is spent MAINTAINING, INFLEXIBLE or SILOED Data Center Equipment, we start to see the proportional business case between data growth and on-premise data storage costs rising quicker than ever.


When we consider the traditional storage and data protection architecture most companies will be managing multiple disk volumes costing tens of thousands of pounds, taking snapshots, then encrypting these via encryption appliances to be stored on Physical tape infrastructure. Which is then collected by a storage company on a regular basis driven to a safe and stored until someone requires a particular tape again.
When we consider 50TB of data kept in this traditional environment the Capital expenditure costs £375k with additional support cost at $75k a year.

As the data grows so does your CapEx and Support costs.


Hybrid Cloud Storage – An answer to your Storage needs

Hybrid cloud storage, or HCS, meets this challenge. HCS turns the public cloud into a true active storage tier for less active production data that is not ready to be put out to backup pasture. Hybrid Cloud storage integrates on-premises storage with public cloud storage services: Not as another backup target but as an integrated storage infrastructure. The storage system uses both the on-premises and scalable cloud storage resources for primary data, expanding that data and data protection to a cost-effective cloud storage tier.

Microsoft’s innovative and broad set of technology enables a true, integrated solution for hybrid cloud storage for business and government organisations – not just a heterogeneous combination or private cloud and public cloud storage offerings. Compressed of StorSimple Cloud-integrated storage and windows Azure storage services, HCS from Microsoft well serves the demanding enterprise storage environment, enabling customers to realise huge data management efficiencies in their Microsoft applications and windows and VMware environments.

With the Microsoft StorSimple offer Microsoft Azure + StorSimple means a typical 50TB store will require 0% capital investment and 55k per year OpEx Cost. This in comparison to Traditional Storage is a substantial saving down from $450,000 from the first year.

Introducing the Microsoft ASAP StorSimple Offer

To qualify register today, available until 31st of December 2014 only.


Get the StorSimple for free when you purchase Azure commitments.

Hybrid Cloud Storage (StorSimple/Windows Azure) provides major benefits to your business :

  1. Consolidated primary + archive + backup + DR
  2. Significantly better backup and recovery performance
  3. 60–80% lower TCO versus traditional enterprise storage
  4. Faster adoption of hybrid cloud computing
ClearPeople is a Tier 1 Microsoft Azure and StorSimple Partner with investment in our very own Pilot program consisting of a number of StorSimple units for customers to use and run ROI analysis on.

To find our more contact our specialists for a Demo, Pilot or to find out how you can save money on storage today.

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