The Workflow Manager module came about when I was looking for something to start assigning workflows to existing items in my content tree. Surprisingly enough, there were loads of scripts and bits of code on the web that dealt with this and in the past, I created a standard ASPX page to deal with this (The quickest option I had back then in my disposal!)

But the issue I had was that I had to manage this process separately like not deploying the page to production, develop it enough to run it once and get rid of it which sometimes was missed out and in some cases, content migration would be involved and workflow was left till the end.

So an idea crept into my head when I had a bit of spare time to create a tool which managed your workflows for you without having to write up any code.

What can it do?

The module comes with 2 main features:
  • Managing workflow for your templates
  • Managing workflow on content

When I talk about managing workflow, I mean adding and removing workflow from your Sitecore items. It is as simple as that because as we all know, that is exactly all we need to do (other than maybe set up the workflow itself!) But we’re not discussing the details here.

Managing workflow for your templates

The module allows you to add or remove workflows to templates and you can choose which workflow you want to assign to these templates.

The actual work is processed on the standard values of the template and only the default workflow field is populated.

As you can see, there is no need for the developer to learn everything there is to know about workflows on templates which can sometimes be complicated when you start delving into the details.

workflow manager

Managing workflow on content

You can also add and remove workflow to items in the content tree or wherever you see fit. You can set the workflow, the status of the workflow, omit any templates that you don’t want to assign workflow to like folders.

This feature gives you the flexibility to manage probably the most important part of the process, especially when you’ve already got lots of content items that need workflow adding to them.

The removal of workflow from content items is a little more brutal. It will simply get rid of workflow from all descendants of the selected content root and itself. This was created this way initially for me to be able to remove workflow quickly.

workflow manager 2

Where do I get this?

You can download this module from the Sitecore Marketplace or click here to go directly to the module to download it.

This is an initial release and I can see extensions or improvements being made to it, e.g. re-writing it in SPEAK, but I hope it can help some who may be interested in it.

Have a play with it, use it and I welcome any feedback that you may have with the module.

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