ClearPeople, SharePoint 2010 experts, provide four new public-facing websites for one of the largest global ferry operators, Stena


Stena recognised an opportunity to upgrade their current Web Content Management System (WCMS) for four of their business units’ public-facing websites to SharePoint 2010. ClearPeople had already delivered a SharePoint Document Management solution to Stena and because of our extensive experience with WCMS solutions and specialisation with SharePoint, ClearPeople was an ideal partner for this project.

Business Problem

Each of Stena’s internal business units have a public facing website run by marketing teams within each department. A cross-organisational problem was that often the existing web solution required intervention from IT to make any changes. This prevented the timely and efficient management of content. Stena needed to select a solution that would solve the shortterm challenge of making content easier to manage. Stena also needed to support future requirements such as adding social media features to make their sites more engaging.

Why SharePoint For Internet Sites

SharePoint was selected after a like-for-like comparison where it came out as the best value-for money over the competition. The marketing team selected SharePoint for its consistent user experience and ribbon feature, which now means that little training is required and the sites can be updated more quickly and efficiently. For the IT team, using SharePoint for both Stena’s intranet and public facing websites, has meant that they have less platforms to support. SharePoint is also a strong platform for running multiple web sites and has strong integration capabilities. ClearPeople redeveloped the existing design and functionality for four of Stenas’


The main challenge for ClearPeople, was to migrate the websites, detailed below, from Microsoft CMS 2002 to SharePoint 2010. The goal was to ensure that the transition onto a new platform would be seamless for both web visitors and Stena’s internal team. Furthermore, ClearPeople has extensive experience implementing websites in multiple languages and so were able to leverage this skill set to deliver one of the few SharePoint 2010 sites with multilingual capabilities. The web sites are:


The following deliverables were provided:
  • ŸImplementation of four SharePoint 2010 websites
  • Development of custom features
  • ŸProject management and consultancy services
  • Content migration for all four sites
  • Onsite hand over
The final solution included a comprehensive hand over of custom code and referenced code libraries developed by ClearPeople to Stena’s own developers. ClearPeople conducted the hand over on-site to the global IT team in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Stena’s content editors report that transitioning to SharePoint’s ribbon based content management system was a welcomed changed. They are now able to update content without the assistance of IT, which makes their websites more relevant and useful for their intended audience. The design and existing content was migrated without issue, and the multilingual capabilities between Swedish and English enabled. Based on the success of migrating these four websites, Stena has plans to carry over other websites in the upcoming year. Business Benefits:
  • Efficiency - ability to change and manage the sites without relying on ITŸ
  • Agility - able to extend and update sites to respond to evolving customers needsŸ
  • Flexibility - to make the sites more interesting and engaging
  • ŸAffordability - fit within the budget for existing and upcoming projects, as well as be able to add more sites effectively and at a lower cost

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Gabriel Karawani
Gabriel Karawani
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My role is a wonderful mix of technology and business, and as one of our co-founders, I have had the privilege of working with all our awesome colleagues, clients and partners from day one. I get excited about new technology and helping our clients find ways of doing what they do even better.


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