ClearPeople's Director walks you through SharePoint 2010 Picture Library Slideshow
There are some new out-of-the-box web parts for SharePoint 2010 that can make your intranet/portal and/or website much more interesting. I have provided some information below on the Picture Library Slideshow web part, which is a favourite amongst our marketing team and clients. Over the coming weeks, I will add more of these - so please feel free to let me know if there are any particular ones you want me to focus on. 
Availability: This web part is available for SharePoint Foundation, Standard and Enterprise. 

Description: Use to display a slideshow of images and photos from a picture library 

How does this look? 

  Picture Library Slideshow Web Part

Images can be displayed similar to the screenshot shown, with a simple toolbar (if set) with back, stop and forward buttons. The images can be set to fade in and out, with different display options and more.

  Picture Library Slideshow Web Part

What available settings are there? 

You can choose from the following settings: 

Duration to Show Picture (seconds) The amount of seconds before a new picture will appear. 

Picture library 

Select the picture library that you want to use. 

Library view 

Select the view that you want to use. 

Picture Display Mode 

Do you want to show the pictures in random or sequential order? 

Display with 

The pictures can be shown with the title only or title and description, below or beside the image. 


Practical settings for adjusting how this is placed 

Show toolbar 

A toolbar can be shown for selecting the next or previous picture or to stop the slideshow.

Author bio

Gabriel Karawani
Gabriel Karawani
Co-Founder and Director
My role is a wonderful mix of technology and business, and as one of our co-founders, I have had the privilege of working with all our awesome colleagues, clients and partners from day one. I get excited about new technology and helping our clients find ways of doing what they do even better.


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