Season's greetings from logo

'Twas the night before Christmas, and Santa was dismayed,
He couldn't get hold of Rudolph and Blitzen was delayed!
He'd lost the naughty and nice list, and the elves were double-booked,
Mrs Claus had mislaid her recipes, so the turkey wasn't cooked!

With the presents stacking up, he was really beginning to fret,
What Santa truly needed was a communications intranet!
He asked for a collaboration platform, filled to the brim with tools and apps,
A winter digital workspace that would hinder further mishaps.

It included a personalised newsfeed that lets Santa know what's what,
And an integration with Yammer to make Rudolph easy to spot.
A quick search for dinner menus, and an app to track the elves,
To help log their time and send reminders to put up shelves!

We're delighted that Santa's happy with his Christmas knowledge base,
The consultagents at ClearPeople designed him an intelligent workspace!
We wish you Season's Greetings from our London and Spanish address,
And may your future digital transformation be an overwhelming success!

With love,