See Atlas Connect in action
Atlas Connect is an advanced governance and provisioning tool for Teams, SharePoint and Office 365.
Are you looking for Governance, Compliance and Security tools for Office 365?

Companies today face significant challenges staying compliant. Data is sprawled across a variety of different silos and the data includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Regulations are increasing around the world to help provide additional protection and control of this data, leading to increased data management costs.

Together with our trusted partners, we will work with your team to enable the built in security features of Office 365 so as to ensure that your security and governance needs are met. 

Office 365 Governance and Compliance can be time consuming and error prone if conducted manually

As well as helping you to configure the underlying Office 365 platform, ClearPeople can also provide a range of enhanced tools that are complimentary to the out-of-the-box offerings from Microsoft. These include:

Atlas Connect. An advanced provisioning tool for SharePoint and Teams and other Office 365 workloads. Connect provides a single intuitive interface to provision new communication, knowledge and collaboration centres. It governs the process to ensure that naming conventions, business approved templates and metadata tags are applied, that notifications are sent and provides a management dashboard providing visibility of everything that has been created. This enables enterprise self-service whilst maintaining governance and security.

Group Explorer (GX). This powerful tool is your launchpad to all of your collaboration groups. It provides a company wide view of all the Office 365 groups that have been created and provides simple filtering by Type - Teams, Yammer etc., groups with external members, groups that have been archived. Users can navigate seamlessly to the underlying O365 group workloads such as SharePoint, Planner, OneNote etc. and can make join requests to groups that they are not currently members of. This drives inclusiveness across all collaboration areas especially for those who don't collaborate on a daily basis within the digital workspace.

Security Alerts for Group Explorer. This add-on module displays underlying security notifications (DLP policy breach for example) on the GX cards, providing immediate warning to users that something may not be right and business context for administrators - who is in the affected group, what data resides there etc.

Atlas - our award-winning digital workspace solution – is secure by design, inheriting all of the native user permissions and following all of the security and compliance features configured within you Office 365 environment.

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Get in touch with one of our consultants to learn more about Office 365 Governance,  Compliance and Security. 

See Atlas Connect in action
Atlas Connect is an advanced governance and provisioning tool for Teams, SharePoint and Office 365.

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Atlas Connect is an advanced governance and provisioning tool for Teams, SharePoint and Office 365.

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