Digital Workspace Solution - Beyond An Intranet

To improve employee experience, increase productivity, and embrace hybrid working, the digital workspace has become more important than ever for businesses.

Download our Comprehensive Digital Workspace Guide and learn how to overcome:

  • Employees spending 1.8 hours per day searching for and gathering information (McKinsey).
  • 69% of workers wasting up to an hour per day navigating between apps (Ring Central).
  • Inefficient communication and substandard collaboration costing £8k/person p.a. (Raconteur).
  • Low employee engagement and adoption of your current intranet.
  • Knowledge sharing blocks due to data silos and end-user confusion.


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Get your Digital Workspace Playbook now

All the digital workspace insights you need to overcome communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing challenges in your organisation.

This useful guide:
  • Introduces the 4 pillars of successful hybrid work.
  • Unlocks the value of a digital workspace.
  • Gives you 8 steps for building a successful digital workspace.
  • Defines 7 digital workspace adoption principles.

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Some of the challenges of hybrid working:

I can't find stuff

Employees can spend 1.8 hours per day just searching for and gathering information - McKinsey

Too many apps

The average person has 60 - 90 apps and 69% of workers waste up to an hour per day navigating between them - RingCentral


Too many silos

Inefficient communication and substandard collaboration costs £8k/person p.a. - Raconteur

How to make hybrid working a success

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Technology can help unlock a new future for frontline workers.

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Digital Workspace or Digital Workplace?

Or modern workplace/space or virtual workplace/space... These terms are often used interchangeably, but at ClearPeople we define the digital workspace as connecting people to content, communication, knowledge, and collaborative areas across internal and external communities.

It is an ecosystem of connected tools and technologies designed around users' needs that gives them the space and freedom to work securely anywhere and on any device.

Atlas: A Digital Workspace Solution that Goes Beyond an Intranet

ClearPeople are the creators of Atlas, an award-winning digital workspace solution platform for companies that strive to make the most of technology, knowledge and their people. Built on and for Microsoft 365, Atlas brings knowledge, communication and collaboration together beautifully to engage and empower your team, wherever they may be.


The key to harnessing and sharing knowledge is how our smart tools promote inclusivity, connecting the right people with the right information.


We know what works to drive employee engagement and at the same time ensure that critical and relevant information is surfaced so your organisation stays aligned.


How do you enable employees to be more productive and better connected? By simplifying and enhancing the experience of Microsoft 365.