The most common challenges for a hybrid workplace

The emotional and psychological effects of the pandemic have taken its toll on many. Working lives have been greatly impacted and this has led to many organisations taking the well-being of their staff very seriously. We are seeing some employees returning to the workplace.

Combining agile and remote working principles can create a winning formula for hybrid working

We have noticed that our clients who have successfully transitioned to remote working have a common trait: an agile mindset. And we’ve realised how these two practices – agile and remote working – can aid organisations in managing and growing a hybrid workforce.

Hybrid Working Strategies at a team level

By Faris Aranki on May 12, 2021 in Best practice, Hybrid working

In my last blog, I looked at Hybrid Working and the key questions any organisation should be addressing in developing an effective Hybrid Working Strategy (HWS). In this follow up blog, I want to look at what this means for individual teams and the questions they should be working on to make sure Hybrid Working is just right for them.

How to Successfully Support you Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Communication Strategy

Diversity & Inclusivity (D&I) is being treated by some organisations as a key business strategy. Experts are unanimous in that D&I is not a “project”. It should become a strategic objective to ensure that ongoing efforts are put in place so that everyone’s involved and all employees are part of the continuous learning and change process.

Hybrid working strategies at a company level

By Faris Aranki on May 5, 2021 in Best practice, Hybrid working

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been making the most of the easing of restrictions here in the UK and taken the opportunity to meet clients for real world coffees (as much as I like zoom coffees* nothing beats the real world version).

How to make hybrid working successful

In the news we are seeing daily reports of organisations embracing hybrid working. As with any major shift, careful consideration needs to be given to the sustainability of such changes. To adopt hybrid working successfully organisations need to think about certain themes that are emerging:

Recreating Water Cooler Moments Online

Casual interactions are a natural way for humans to connect, especially when in an office environment. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee in the kitchen first thing, or throwing around concepts over the office water cooler, some of the most creative, profitable business ideas have come from these interactions.

The Remote Internship

By Iain Stuart on October 27, 2020 in Best practice, Hybrid working

So how has the world of work changed here within QA at ClearPeople since the lockdown in March because of COVID19, and we all had to work remotely?

Successful remote working is so much more than just Zoom or MS Teams

By Barry Wakelin on September 17, 2020 in Atlas, Knowledge management, Hybrid working

So, like everyone else, you’ve been forced into adopting Teams, Zoom or some other collaboration platform to enable your business to survive and thrive in 2020 and beyond.

How to Create a Productive Remote Workforce: 5 practical tips for employers

Every business is a simple collection of people. All with different interests, passions, ideas and workstyles. Ensuring those individuals can work together productively, and as one, is always a challenge for even the most experienced HR professional.