Improve Customer Happiness and Loyalty through Customer Success

6 April 2020

"To effectively retain clients, technology product marketers need to embrace a customer success mindset that helps clients to achieve business outcomes and derive more value from their investment" – Ray Pun Senior Director Analyst, Gartner


I joined ClearPeople as a Customer Success Manager last week with a background in Digital Workplaces also as a Customer Success Manager. I hope to bring with me the experience and knowledge I have gained from my previous role, so as to continue to establish and grow the relationships with ClearPeople’s clients.

Once a project is live, the project manager would normally step away. However, we quickly realised that our clients still need guidance and care, and this is where a Customer Success Manager can really show that value.  

It’s important the client has a dedicated single point of contact who can provide a holistic approach and pull in resources when needed. 

Ensuring clients are seeing the real worth of what they have purchased and that they receive a return on investment, are just some of the ways a Customer Success Manager can help. Below are a few examples of this:

  • Review analytics
  • Feedback from end users 
  • Regular communication 
  • Health score status

I also believe in sharing positive customer success stories amongst ourselves, what one client has done successfully can help another client. Having the ability for clients to share through a case study or collaborating with other clients. 

Customer success is ensuring the continued growth of a product where it constantly evolves, ensuring clients are aware of a product’s full potential and adopting this functionality if it meets their needs. It’s about working on something new, helping the client to achieve this and then starting all over again! 

Clients initially have KPI’s agreed in the project phase, however its working with clients to achieve these goals or set new goals that we can work together to really see the success of the Digital Workspace

I’m very passionate on this subject and really hope that my background so far can help work closely together with our clients on a regular basis to ensure they are getting the full value from Atlas. Looking forward to getting involved! 

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Jenna Mitchell

Jenna Mitchell