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ClearPeople Initiatives

6 April 2020

People-first is one of our key values at ClearPeople. This means that we naturally want to help in the ways we can. So even as a small company we launched a number of initiatives to benefit our team, customers and the wider community.

We smoothly transitioned our three days working from home to five days but became even more aware of how important communication is.

Even under “normal” circumstances, experienced remote workers know that they need to overcommunicate to keep everyone informed and connected.

Since we already used to remote working, we put in place our best practice for our people and teams to maintain productivity, engagement and wellbeing but went one step further.

Below are the things we are doing to interact with our employees, customers and the wider community.

Wellbeing plan

With COVID-19 disrupting and slightly changing the dynamics of our business, ClearPeople has had to alter the way in which we engage and support our staff. Our Well-being Plan offers a great mix of fun activities and informative resources to provide quality interactions with our remote staff. This includes a weekly online Pilates class, book club, Friday morning challenges and even our virtual Happy Hours.

Hold a daily team check-in

Our teams are holding daily stand-ups for 10-20 minutes to share priorities, updates, achievements and issues – they keep projects moving and everyone engaged.

Socialise with colleagues

Outside of “virtual beer o’clock” or coffee time meetings, we have a weekly conference call for our entire team to check in and see how people were getting on. We debated whether working in one’s pyjamas is better or worse for productivity (FYI no consensus reached), discussed borrowing a neighbour’s dog so you have an excuse for a walk, and shared a link to online exercise programs. Good book recommendations, recipes, binge-worthy Netflix series, (appropriate) jokes, are all welcome.

Wellbeing goes social

We extended our wellbeing section on Yammer to conquer any mental or personal problems our colleagues are having at home whilst being on lockdown. Self-isolation can be hard for some and we aim to ensure all our staff are properly supported during this hard time. Whether it be discussing troubles, sharing workout videos and recipes or even just have a laugh, it’s all there in our wellbeing section.

OneFamily is exactly that!

Since October 2019, we have our weekly OneFamily meeting via Microsoft Teams with all our staff to discuss the things we have progressed on in the past week, and things we are working on for the upcoming week (as well as a little bit of catch up on people’s lives with a bit of banter).
For our customers and the wider community, we launched the below initiatives:

  • Free webinars
    Weekly webinars related to the topic of remote working. These sessions cover topics such as Microsoft Teams training. Click here to see our list of webinars and events. 
  • Business continuity hero
    Our 4-step Business Continuity plan helps map out the steps to make sure you and the people within your organisation are absolutely ready for any situation which may have the potential to disrupt projects and workflow.
  • One place for remote working information
    Our team all contributed to a list of useful resources. We felt with so much information out there, it would be easier for our clients to have one place to find what they required.

Feel free to comment below or message us on our social channels on LinkedIn and Twitter about the initiatives your organisation has implemented. We would love to learn more and perhaps even spark a conversation.

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