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Extranets - Solutions

Sharing Knowledge & Information with Customers and Partners

An extranet allows selected external parties such as business partners, customers, suppliers, vendors and board members to share information. It is not accessible to the general public and users will be an approved group of individuals whose access would be managed by a company administrator. Users can access the extranet by using a login and password.

Loud & Clear

ClearPeople has implemented SharePoint and Sitecore extranets for a number of companies including the legal and financial services sectors to provide their clients with secure access to their documents. This also provides the opportunity for document collaboration, tracking and discussion. We have also provided our customers in other sectors extranet areas for Board Members or customers to access and share relevant documents and reports in a secure manner.

If you are interested in boosting your extranet's profile with an exciting design - look no further. ClearPeople's creative division designs resounding websites, intranets and extranets.

Why choose a ClearPeople extranet?

Extranets are a cost effective way of sharing information with your trading/business partners 24 hours a day, while reducing the volume of emails. Costs savings and overall efficiency can be made mainly through process automation.

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