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Improve productivity and efficiency with SharePoint and line-of-business data

Information Gap Between Teams

Does your company run several line-of-business (LOB) systems, each serving a different department? Are there data gaps across different functions (e.g. Sales, Engineering, etc.), that are impacting the company's overall performance?

Many companies face such challenges on a daily basis due to the complexity and cost associated with connecting the backend systems used by these different departments (CRM, ERP, PLM, etc.); often, the result is slower decision-making that is based on partial information and business processes that do not include all relevant stakeholders across the company.

The Solution

Many companies already have SharePoint in place but are not using it to their full advantage. Companies can improve decision-making processes, productivity, and return on investment (ROI) by connecting SharePoint with their existing LOB systems and have SharePoint serve as the org-wide platform for collaboration and workflow-centric business processes, while utilising the business data from the LOB systems.

Read Microsoft's BCSP case study and learn how ClearPeople saved The Crown Estate over 7,500 hours per year and delivered an ROI in just over 12 months.

Business-Critical SharePoint Demo Video