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Business Intelligence - Solutions

Microsoft BI

SQL, SharePoint & Office (On-Premise or in the Cloud with Azure)

Data is the lifeblood of your business. But without the right tools, you can’t consolidate, analyse and act on the valuable information that resides in your business. Our BI solutions leverage your existing technology investments in .NET, SQL Server and Office to develop rich integrated reporting and analytics experiences that empower users to gain access to accurate, up-to-date information for better, more relevant decision making.

Insights for Everyone

Empower your people

Empower all users to collaborate, discover, and manage their aspect of the business with the right information to make better, more agile decisions. By using familiar tools to create and share the right information, users are able to drive the business forward by responding in a timely fashion, and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. Powerful self-service capabilities integrated into familiar tools enable users to create and share the right information quickly.

Improve Organizational Effectiveness

Manage, drive, and define organizational success by aligning to key metrics and strategy, creating context-driven dashboards that present the necessary information quickly and seamlessly. Measure the critical success factors and enable everyone to create and analyse the information they need to stay informed, and move the business forward. Enable accountability and transparency across the company, and remove barriers to productivity.

Enable IT Efficiency

Provide a complete, integrated business collaboration platform that empowers users to discover, analyse, and share the right information across unstructured assets such as blogs, wikis, and documents, and structured assets such as reports, line of business, and analytical systems. Built on standards, IT can address business requirements by putting information in the hands of users, focusing on developing, maintaining, and securing the systems that drive the business forward and centrally manage the system. 

How ClearPeople Can Help

ClearPeople offers installation and configuration of BIS solutions in SharePoint 2010 or 2013 either on premise or in the cloud via Azure.

For more information on BIS and how ClearPeople can implement a customised solution for your company, please contact us.

SEGA Case Study

Learn how ClearPeople has helped SEGA implement an integrated SharePoint Business Intelligence solution, and upgraded them to SharePoint 2013. Discover how SEGA utilises BI to help drive their business in these challenging times and what features they have found the most useful.