Connecting the Sitecore Experience Platform to SharePoint

As an experienced Microsoft and Sitecore partner, ClearPeople has the expertise to help your organisation integrate both platforms to reliably publish content to both your employees through your SharePoint intranet and to your customers through your Sitecore website.

SharePoint is the ideal choice for document management and internal collaboration while Sitecore is considered the perfect fit for your external digital web presence and marketing. ClearPeople utilises both technologies to allow you to gain one common Microsoft platform for extranets, intranets, and Internet sites, allowing you to effortlessly share content internally and externally. What’s more, the Microsoft Office-like user-friendly interface means content editors can easily create, maintain, and publish content without needing to overcome a major learning curve so it’s ideal even if you’re non-technical!

The “Better Together” ethos

Communication and Collaboration – SharePoint delivers an enterprise grade platform for collaboration, social and search features whilst Sitecore is able to deliver leading edge communication and digital marketing.

Document Management made easy – You’re able to manage high data and document volumes and taxonomy through SharePoint’s renowned document management platform, utilising Sitecore to easily manage layout, devices and presentation logic, surfacing the right content to the right people at the right time

Marketing Intelligence – With SharePoint, you’re able to manage corporate document governance to ensure maximum accessibility and security, integrating with Sitecore to allow you to perform intelligent marketing activities like testing, personalisation and analytics on your approved collateral.

A holistic approach – With SharePoint and Sitecore, you can bring your internal and external digital worlds together. Let SharePoint be your internal hub for applications, devices and content and Sitecore be your external showcase; delivering this content, messaging and brand across public and secure channels to external audiences in multiple

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