The market

The retail industry has had to undergo significant change in recent years as customer expectation in service and e-commerce has increased. The explosion of mobile and the diversity in the retail mix means that customers now have more choice than ever before, massively increasing competition.

Showrooms and shop floors complemented by “click and collect” services have become the norm, with many retailers now requiring a real-time, single view of their stock. This increased importance on in-store technology is pivotal to the success of the retail industry in the future, opening up data collection and up-sell opportunities to learn more about customers and enhance a more personalised service to ultimately drive sales.

We understand the power that technology has in the retail market. From internationalisation where consumers can purchase goods any time, on any deice from anywhere in the world, to the future of biometrics in retailing, where consumers can purchase items with a scan of their fingerprint. It’s essential that retailers keep abreast of the solutions available to them to help them achieve revenue growth in a highly competitive marketplace, and stand out from the crowd by giving their customers what they really want.

Why ClearPeople?

ClearPeople is an award-winning Consultagency with experience in helping retailers drive sales and create better, differentiated customer experiences. Our proven consultative approach means that you’re able to cost effectively test and learn what digital techniques and technologies work best to target and retain customers, and work more effectively as a team to increase revenue.

We are experienced in the retail sector working with clients such as the Global Blue, Fred Perry and Weight Watchers. Our team of consultants have delivered implementations of SharePoint and Office 365 as well as online branding design and e-commerce websites for some major household names. We understand the retail landscape and the impact that shifting demographics, household downsizing and the introduction of new channel formats is having on the industry. The technology solutions ClearPeople provides ensures that the right processes are in place to make your business successful and profitable, enhancing your engagement with customers and increasing their lifetime value.  

Our services and solutions allow you to:  

  • Increase your sales: Create a relevant a personal shopping experience for your customers, connecting data and devices
  • Understand your customers: Drive ever more effective campaigns and improve your ROI through gaining valuable insight on your customers
  • Protect and control your data: Remain compliant and keep transactions protected with built-in security, always prepare for the unexpected
  • Stand out from the crowd: Gain competitive advantage through an exceptional online branding presence and choosing the right technology solutions to deliver your messages to customers
  • Work together easily: Connect multiple locations and sales teams with mobile and cloud technologies anytime, anywhere. 

Our Retail solutions include:

Intranets & Office 365

An effective intranet should be able to deliver an interactive and inclusive collaboration and communications gateway that provides easy access to the latest news, content, workflow, documents and applications from whatever device you are on, wherever you are.

ClearPeople have a wealth of experience providing retailers with the tools and resources to share, collaborate and communicate internally saving precious resource and budget.

For a luxury retail brand, we created an easy to use, accessible communications intranet that connected their employees in different locations, allowing them to collaborate and share information between themselves and external partners from wherever they were, using single sign-on capabilities. 

Website Development & Digital Strategy

For a retailer, the website is one of the most, if not the most important sales tool in your inventory. No matter the size of your target market, in a mobile-first, cloud-first world, your customers expect to be able to interact with your brand in real-time and purchase the products they need from any device and in any location. 

Your customers and advocates want to engage with your brand via social channels as well as through your website and are increasingly expecting content that is relevant to them. We will work with you to define your business goals, providing you with expert advice to get the best out of technology. 

We have experience of designing and developing engaging and interactive e-commerce websites and brochure sites that connects your audience to your products and brands in a personal, meaningful and exciting way.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility over a network. Concerned with increasing sales, but reducing operating costs, the retails sector is utilising the power of the cloud more and more.

We’ve helped businesses to transform their infrastructure and deliver reliable services to their customers and employees through our cloud solutions. If you’d like to know more about how to get started on your Cloud Journey, our Ready. Set. Cloud. programme allows you to get started easily. 

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