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The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry are inextricably linked; the pharmaceutical industry developing, producing and marketing drugs or pharmaceuticals for use as medications, with the healthcare industry improving and maintaining the populations health through the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease and illness.
Split into pharmaceuticals, the NHS and private healthcare, the industry is heavily segmented further into distinct specialisms. One common factor that all these segments share is the increased demand and burden on the services they provide as the aging population grows and lifestyle-related diseases like cancer, heart disease and obesity continually rise. 

Such pressure on the industry demands measurable results, and we understand how to innovate and utilise technologies to facilitate efficiencies in how healthcare professionals interact and operate. 

Why ClearPeople?

ClearPeople is an award-winning Consultagency which has been working with pharmaceutical organisations and the wider healthcare industry since 2003. We are experienced in helping healthcare organisations to become increasingly connected across multiple platforms to make more informed decisions with faster access to patient data.

We have a proven track record in delivering best-in-class digital solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. We have worked with organisations like the NHS, GlaxoSmithKline and Benenden Healthcare to support operational efficiency, cut costs and drive revenue.

Our services and solutions allow you to:
  • Protect and control your data: Ensure reliable and secure access to information with affordable, enterprise-grade solutions, compliant with industry standards
  • Be prepared for the unexpected: Have the ability to provide uninterrupted care with in-built recovery and resiliency capabilities
  • Get your work done anywhere: Connect electronic medical records, devices and data from a variety of platforms, no matter whether you’re in the office, clinic, hospital or on the go
  • Work together easily: Collaborate with patients and your teams no matter where you are, making faster, more informed decisions
  • Engage: Keep your patients abreast with the latest information, news and product releases from multiple devices

Our Pharma and Healthcare solutions include:


In the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, there is an increasing expectation for information and policy to be available online, not to mention the ability to engage with healthcare professionals and manage data digitally.

Through the application of user-centred design and over 12 years’ experience in developing award-winning websites, ClearPeople knows a things or two about what makes a healthcare website succeed. Having developed public facing sites for NHS Trusts, private healthcare organisations like Invictus, and pharmaceutical companies such as Astellas, ClearPeople was recently awarded the Design Agency of the Year at the Stevies International Business Awards.

We can help you to devise a digital strategy and provide best-in-class consulting in creating a website that helps your organisation meet your objectives, while controlling costs. 

Cloud Services and Bring Your own Device (BYOD)

The Cloud is changing the way the healthcare sector works at an incredible pace. With more healthcare providers offering staff the ability to 'Bring Your own Device', ClearPeople can help implement effective BYOD strategies and responsive design for your organisation, as well as advising and deploying security strategies to ensure patient data remains safe. 

In order to meet the increasing demands placed on the ambulance service and to provide a future-proof and mobile way of working, ClearPeople worked alongside South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and Microsoft to deploy an Azure infrastructure platform. Together with mobile device management it enables staff to receive and engage with patient data whilst working anywhere, including in vehicles on the road.

Intranets & Power BI

An effective intranet delivers an interactive and inclusive collaboration and communications hub that provides easy access to the latest news, content, workflow, documents and applications from whatever device you are on, wherever you are. Power BI provides pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations the ability to work with reporting and data management in a highly visual way.

We have delivered such intranets for clients on SharePoint and Office 365. For Astellas, we developed a number of intranet and extranet portals to allow their staff to communicate effectively with each other and affiliates throughout the world. We’ve also provided expert consulting to the General Pharmaceutical Council on their SharePoint deployments.

Document Management

Document management focuses on the storage and organisation of documents to support a business’s work in progress, including content creation and collaboration internally. For most healthcare organisations, they handle thousands of documents from patient records, insurance data and HR collateral, on a daily basis.

ClearPeople understand the requirements for secure and private environments that enable healthcare providers to create, manage and collaborate on documents across a broad range of locations and departments locally, nationally and globally. 

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