The market

The legal sector is currently undergoing significant change when it comes to restructuring its IT systems. As a result of market consolidation, globalisation, regulatory change, greater corporatisation and the use of new legal structures, the role of technology in the industry is being recognised more than ever.

Concerned with keeping up with heavy workloads while protecting client information, legal professionals have less time, tighter schedules and more data to work with than ever.

Furthermore, we understand that many law firms and in-house legal teams have increasing pressure on billing rates, margins and profitability so internal efficiency and business productivity is key. 

Why ClearPeople?

ClearPeople offer a range of digital services that help the legal industry to maximise their ROI in challenging times. Our consultancy and support services as well as our award-winning technical expertise means you can get your teams to works faster and ensure client data is kept safe and confidential. As market leaders in delivering digital solutions for legal and in-house legal teams since 2003, we can offer you unparalleled advice and bespoke solutions to help you increase efficiencies, keep up with heavy workloads and boost productivity.

Our services and solutions allow you to:
  • Adapt to change: Respond faster to client needs and make better, quicker decisions.
  • Get the most out of your technology: Save time and money while managing cases with the latest technology.
  • Get your work done anywhere: Mobilise your law firm and work anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Work together easily: Collaborate securely and easily with remote clients and team members
  • Delight your customers: Engage with your audience to create a meaningful customer experience 

Our Legal and Corporate Legal solutions include:

Document Management

Documents are the lifeblood of the legal industry. Their management, storage and organisation is integral to the efficient running of the business’s work in progress, including content creation and collaboration internally. All of the top 200 law firms use a document management system. Many are realising that their current system works in silo to other systems and doesn’t integrate too easily.

Without a centralised document management system, legal documentation is often saved in an informal, unmanaged way which makes it hard for legal professionals to create, share and collaborate on documents effectively. 

Here at ClearPeople, we create award-winning solutions that take advantage of SharePoint to create a highly effective way to manage documents, files and emails. Most recently, our work with top UK law firm Shoosmiths won Project of the Year at the Document Manager Awards

And for the in-house legal team at Vodafaone, we centralised their handling of documents and governance of case and matters to allow lawyers and knowledge managers across all of their regions and business areas to work remotely. 

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is concerned with the efficient handling of information and resources across an organisation. We help you to leverage SharePoint to collaborate and share knowledge across your business to help your teams communicate more effectively no matter their location.

For a large international law firm we delivered a SharePoint based technology platform that maximises out-of-the-box capabilities and could be combined with other Microsoft technologies such as MS Office, Exchange and Skype for Business to provide a user-friendly know-how experience with heavy use of metadata and search capabilities.

Intranets & Digital Workspaces

The Digital Workspace is a collection of evolving technologies designed around your user’s needs that will give them the space and freedom to work securely anywhere and on any device. At the heart of the Digital Workspace is a company’s intranet. An effective intranet should be able to deliver an interactive and inclusive collaboration and communications gateway that provides easy access to the latest news, content, workflow, documents and applications from whatever device you are on, wherever you are.

We have delivered such intranets for law firms and in-house legal teams on SharePoint, Sitecore and Office 365. We will work with you to create an engaging platform to help you boost internal communication and productivity.


Your corporate website is arguably one of your most important communications tools and is often the first touchpoint your customers will have with your business. When it comes to website design, we know what works best. Awarded the Design Agency of the Year at the Stevies International Business Awards, creative design for us is about understanding your business objectives and then finding inspiration to achieve them in a highly engaging way.

We have designed and built engaging and interactive websites for numerous law firms over the years including a highly flexible platform for CMS Cameron McKenna. We will work with you to provide a hugely engaging user experience for your customers based on best practice principles and delivered on best-of-breed platforms. 

Extranets & Deal rooms

Not accessible to the public, an extranet allows selected external parties such as business partners, customers, suppliers, vendors and board members to share information. With documents being the lifeblood of the legal world, an extranet allows you to easily share information with your clients in a secure and efficient way.

ClearPeople have delivered extranets to law firms, large and small. For Travers Smith we developed a number of portals which allowed them to share and deliver information and legal documents with key clients, delivering a consistent user experience and design to match their existing brand.  

Case & Matter Management

Legal matter management and case management refers to activities involved in managing all aspects of the corporate legal practice or law firm related activities. Law firms and in-house legal teams may use case and matter management to organise information relating to billing and invoicing, documents, people involved with the case (both inside and outside the organisation), deadlines, and more.

An effective case and matter management system provides an excellent collaboration platform to organise such information and distribute it to the correct audience within an organisation. We have developed such systems for in-house legal teams based on SharePoint, providing a line-of-business experience with features such as unique document numbering and document referencing. We also have experience with Microsoft Matter Centre, which takes advantage of Office 365 and Azure.

Cloud Adoption

From Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Azure, the Cloud is changing the way the legal sector works at an incredible pace. Our cloud services help firms of all sizes save money and free up valued resources. We are the first Microsoft UK Partner to be awarded Cloud Platform Gold Competency for Microsoft Azure which demonstrates our best-in-class capabilities in delivering Cloud platform based solutions to UK Enterprises. 

We have used our expertise, knowledge, IP and experience to help our customers identify the best and most cost effective way to use the Cloud successfully. Instead you can focus on delighting your end users and seeing value from our solutions and services. By working with our consultants, you can be assured that we will bring together best in class capability and solutions in Cloud Services to enhance your business’s productivity and efficiencies.

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