The market

Financial and related professional services help the wider economy and facilitate people's everyday lives. It comprises of many different areas from banking, insurance, and investments to accountancy, credit and leasing, and fund management to name a few. 

Damage to the industry’s reputation with the financial crisis in 2008 has meant consumers are ever more cautious. But the sector is recovering strongly and it is now concerned with keeping that trust with its customers. 

Technology is integral to nurturing these relationships and allows the financial services industry to connect with its clients whether they are in the office, at home or on the move. 

We understand that as well as keeping on top of customer needs, the industry also needs to grow and win new business, and keep control of costs. A heavily governed sector, we know that compliance standards are at its core together with other important legislation, regulation and security objectives.

Why ClearPeople?

As an award-winning Consultagency we can offer you the best advice and expertise to help you run your business more efficiently, support data management and keep up to speed with globalisation and the round-the-clock expectations of your growing customer base. ClearPeople has proven expertise in the provision of the best technology and digital solutions for the financial services and insurance industries. We have worked with some of the largest financial organisations in the world including JP Morgan, Lloyds, Beazley and more. Able to deliver reliable solutions to drive customer acquisition and retention and enrich customer experience, we understand the market and can help you to increase your sales, manage enterprise risk, and support mission critical operations.

Our services and solutions allow you to:
  • Understand your customers: Gain better insights to find and retain clients by centralising your data
  • Increase your sales: Engage with your clients anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Protect and control your data: Safeguard client data and integrate with other systems while working on any device and from any location
  • Get your work done on the move: Whether you’re analysing financial reports or preparing professional audits, you can work from anywhere with enterprise mobile technology
  • Work together easily: Improve staff communication across locations with real-time collaboration tools and resources
  • Be prepared for the unexpected: Keep data and applications available, safe in the knowledge of efficient back-up and recovery from Microsoft Azure

Our Financial Services and Insurance solutions include:

Document Management

Document management focuses on the storage and organisation of documents to support a business’s work in progress, including content creation and collaboration internally. In the financial sector, security and compliance is the central focus surrounding the storage and organisation of documents. Without formalised control, organisations would find themselves in hot water when it comes to legislation so it is important that their document management systems help individuals to create, share and collaborate on documents securely.

ClearPeople understand the requirements for secure and private environments in the heavily governed financial services sector. We have built a reputation as being a go-to supplier for robust, tailored document management solutions for the likes of Intertrust and Lloyds of London.

Intranets and Power BI

An effective intranet should be able to deliver an interactive and inclusive collaboration and communications gateway that provides easy access to the latest news, content, workflow, documents and applications from whatever device you are on, wherever you are. Power BI provides financial services organisations with an interactive highly visual way to work with financial data and reporting.

We have delivered such intranets for financial services and insurance clients on SharePoint, Sitecore and Office 365. And we provided the knowledge and infrastructure to allow Charles Taylor to develop new ways to get better insight from their data so their senior decision makers can create their own reports quickly and easily.


In the financial services sector the digital channel is taking a dominant position in nurturing prospects, leads and established accounts. When it comes to website design, we know what works best. Awarded the Design Agency of the Year at the Stevies International Business Awards, creative design for us is about understanding your business objectives and then finding inspiration to achieve them in a highly engaging way.

ClearPeople can help you keep up with and gain advantage over the competition with our award-winning website design and development. We’ve recently worked with Mizuho and Mitsui to do just that.


Not accessible to the public, an extranet allows selected external parties such as business partners, customers, suppliers, vendors and board members to share information. With documents being the lifeblood of the legal world, an extranet allows you to easily share information with your clients in a secure and efficient way. 

We've implemented SharePoint and Sitecore extranets for a number of financial organisations to provide their clients with secure access to their documents and trading information.

Private Cloud

The Cloud is changing the way the financial sector works at an incredible pace. Improvements in storage capacity and processing speed, for example, have had a profound impact on data management and transactional capabilities, with accompanying reductions in cost.

We can help plan, build, deploy, manage and support applications in the Cloud and leverage its benefits in a flexible, rapid and viable manner, with the knowledge of industry-leading security and compliance. We will work with you to develop a strategy that is effective in matching legislation rules written for traditional outsourcing arrangements to the cloud context.

By working with our consultants, you can be assured that we will bring together best in class capability and solutions in Cloud Services to enhance your business’s productivity and efficiencies.

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