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When implementing a platform such as SharePoint, the motivation is often to establish a solid collaboration platform. A few years ago (2011) a NCC survey showed that 38% of respondents indicated that "improving performance/efficiency" was the key driver for implementing SharePoint, while as much as 29% suggested that employee collaboration was their main driver.

As per above the motivation behind any "collaboration platform" initiative is increased productivity, lower TCO and higher return on investment, as well as easy connectivity across platforms. Interoperable and open, these solutions must also connect devices, data, systems and processes to help people collaborate in real time and get the information they need, when they need it.

Collaboration scenarios are now supported by a richer ecosystem surrounding SharePoint including Office 365, Yammer, Skype for Business and of course Exchange.

Social features within SharePoint have been enhanced and are more integrated in the last two editions of SharePoint, presenting the user with a more unified experience. Improvement of the news feed to provide things such as the posting of pictures, tagging, mentions and "likes" have all provided benefit. However, it is now with the Yammer integration into the SharePoint platform that the social collaboration features have gone a step further.

We can provide a range of options to be considered when deploying the collaboration infrastructure including on-premises, in the cloud (Azure or SharePoint Online), or hybrid scenarios.

The goal is that your users can collaborate efficiently and effectively with each other inside and outside your organisation with customers, partners and colleagues.

Unified Communication

As a rule of thumb, we like to let our customer's Business/IT strategy and business requirements drive investments in technology, rather than the other way around. However, the changes in the technology landscape over the last few years means there is a real opportunity for organisations to leverage technology to provide far greater support for various communication scenarios, while drastically reducing the cost of communication platforms.

Microsoft's investments in UC (Unified Communication) technology, including; Exchange, Skype for Business and Yammer as well as Mobile applications are driving this change, combined with ever increasing reduced cost of internet connectivity. For example, Skype for Business delivers streamlined communications across different locations and time zones using a variety of communication methods such as instant messaging, conferencing and enterprise voice. This includes features such as share photos, files and links through chat or join a web conference with voice, audio and video.

Our consultants take these massive technology enhancements into account when working with your team to recommend a roadmap and solutions. The ROI can often be identified quickly, with no significant capital expense and with costs restricted to predictable per-seat subscriptions.

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