Delivering Success

Transition and adoption is all about delivering success. Too often we speak to clients who have implemented technology solutions but are baffled by its poor user adoption. When deploying a technology solution like an intranet, document management system, knowledge portal or website, it’s important to understand that they will live and die by their governance, usability and usefulness. 

Technology provides the tools to enable usefulness, but you need knowledge, experience and creativity to engender user adoption and return on investment.

Governance from day one

A successful transition requires governance from the very start to help users overcome the first hurdles of familiarity. As users gain more confidence in using a new system, they’ll uncover ways that it can be more useful so it’s vitally important to communicate with your users and capture their feedback.


Listening to user feedback and turning this valuable insight into improvements motivates them to use the system more and see their ideas turned into reality.

Reliability and ease of use

If your new solution is reliable and easy to use, it’s impact on users will be unquestionable. But remember, all technology solutions should constantly evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of your users. User-journey analysis and a pro-active managed service delivers long-term value from your technology investment and ensures continued user satisfaction.

How ClearPeople can help

We would be delighted to speak to you about how to plan a successful intranet, document management or website project that places special emphasis on transition and on-going managed services, and to help you understand how to budget for these vital services.

We have developed some creative payment models to help manage the cost of these services such that your payments fit a timeline that aligns with where the return on your investment in a new technology system is tangible.

Speak to one of our consultants today by calling our expert team on 0203 376 9500.

Transition and Adoption
“Transition requires high-touch between experts and users to ensure that governance is ingrained from the start and to help users overcome the first hurdles of familiarity.”