You think moving home is stressful?

Moving home is stressful, but as anyone in IT knows, moving a whole IT infrastructure can be even more stressful. Now imagine moving a whole data-centre.

The good news is that transitioning into a Cloud infrastructure does not have to be stressful, it can be done bit by bit (as opposed to traditional data-centre moves where you have to make a full commitment to new facilities). Whether you are moving a few servers, a specific application or a whole infrastructure - our team are on hand.

For a transition from a traditional infrastructure to a cloud based infrastructure, ClearPeople has a clear approach based on our extensive experience combined with industry-proven tools. This approach includes:

  • Planning the transition into a minimal risk transition plan - typically in stages
  • The actual "physical" move of workloads from your traditional data centre to Microsoft Azure
  • The transitioning of skills and/or reskilling
  • The transition of support and managed services activities

How ClearPeople Can Help:

  • Provide a reliable migration solution
  • Seamless and rapid
  • Reduce migration risk