Cloud Adoption Framework

The Cloud Adoption Framework provides enterprises with a comprehensive view of services and engagement options which are designed to help enterprises transition to Cloud Services. The Framework brings together remarkable expertise, experience, IP and proven methodology which effectively focuses on delivering customer goals for Cloud Adoption. Below is an outline of the six phases of the Framework:

Envisage – Understand where the cloud can work for you

Understanding the value of Cloud services and workloads. Demonstrating and envisioning sessions, workshops, seminars and ClearPeople events designed to help enterprises understand Cloud potential.

Assess – Developing your personal Cloud Adoption plan

Engage with our experts who will demonstrate your required Cloud Services workloads and help you develop your personal cloud adoption plan. We can provide a Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) to see the technology capabilities followed by a technical planning session to understand high level feasibility.

Design – Business justification and Cloud Adoption

We will work with you to establish a detailed analysis of your Cloud transition and help you develop your business case. 

Implementation – Implementation and pilot

ClearPeople will help your enterprise evaluate and transition to Cloud services at your pace. Bringing the design into reality through a pilot program that is production ready. We will embrace user experience and feedback to drive successful productivity scenarios and ensure users continue to have a seamless experience.

Transition and Adoption – Realise your investment

The most important phase of the Cloud Adoption Framework is ensuring your end users can start to use this exciting technology and capabilities. Our specialists will work with end-users and stakeholders to develop a clear transition and development plan with input and support from us to ensure we can measure the successful adoption. We measure a successful transition based on user uptake and realisation of business goals that demonstrate savings and value back to your business.

Support and beyond – From safety net to managed services

We pride ourselves in serving enterprises as an extension of their IT team, whether it is assistive workload support, entire application suites or complete IT outsourcing, we are able to work with you to ensure IT is empowering the rest of your business to drive success.

Our support offerings provide dependable support options covering:

  • Friendly personal service from your aligned Account Manager
  • Extensive escalation options including escalations to ClearPeople Senior staff members
  • Flexible tailor-made contracts
  • Regular usage reporting and feedback

How ClearPeople can help

To learn more about our Cloud Adoption Framework, please contact us.

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