The volume of data and velocity of data growth, as well as the increasing complexity in types of data are common issues for many of our customers. Our team can assist you to gain the maximum potential from the data you control and have access to, while reducing the cost through efficient use of technologies and approaches.

We work with our customers across three distinct areas to address these challenges:

  • Understanding data, which is also known as Data Analytics, Data Insights or Business Intelligence
  • Handling of data migrations, which is a significant challenge - and sometimes a show stopper - when upgrading platforms or when replatforming
  • Storing and archiving data, which is a natural consequence of the data growth rates most organisations are experiencing

Intranet Analytics

Are your intranet users engaged? Are your staff even looking at it? Can you prove that intranet adoption in your organisation has been a success?

The actions and journeys users take when navigating website and intranet pages tells us so much about what's important and useful to them.

If you’d like to know exactly what website pages your users are viewing, the specific areas that are most useful or if poor performance is discouraging people from searching and finding information or using resources, then ClearPeople can help.

We’ve put together a web analytics support package that will tell us all of the above, and more, and allow us to make monthly recommendations to improve the ROI you're getting from your website or intranet.

Contact us today to find out more or arrange a demo.

There’s no better way to assess your intranet than to see regular visitors engaged with your intranet and its content. Read our latest blog on Intranet Usage Analytics.

Learn how to use Application Insights to focus on increasing that engagement by investigating user behaviour.

Web Analytics

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