It's well known that training is important to ensure your teams are knowledgeable, engaged and efficient. After all, when we introduce new technology the ultimate goal is to help people to carry out their jobs, not to hinder them. Training should occur before and after the launch of any new solution or application you are implementing and should ensure your teams know how to use the system, where to find information and where they can go for help.
At ClearPeople, we've been training people up on our own solutions, as well as the different technologies we use, since 2003. 
To get you and your teams up and running and making the best use of the applications you're using, we have a number of different training programmes that can be adapted to meet your needs and can be delivered to you either onsite or remotely. 
We offer:
  • A complete training programme for your end users
  • A number of ad hoc days to get your super users up to speed ahead of go live with further training after launch day
  • A quick refresher 
From Sitecore, Kentico and Umbraco to SharePoint, Office 365 and Exchange, ClearPeople can provide you with a training programme and user guides to get you started. 

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