Service Design is exactly what the name suggests; it is the process of designing and defining the service to be provided.

At ClearPeople, we focus on keeping things simple and whilst service design can be complex, the end goal is all about providing you with a bespoke, quality service that really meets your needs.

In an ever-changing technology world where updates and improvements are made every few weeks or months rather than every few years, Service Design is a vital part of a successful managed service. At the end of this phase you can expect a document that details every part of the service and it will include the following:
  • The people involved and how we'll communicate with them
  • Environments and Systems to be supported
  • The approach to be taken, including the Incident, Change and Problem Management we've agreed upon
  • Reporting and meeting structure and frequency
  • Any proactive monitoring, event management and health-checking we'll do
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Update or patch management and agreed maintenance windows
  • Service Level Agreements

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Service Design

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