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According to the Office for National Statistics, UK productivity stands at 20% below the average for G7 countries. In order to increase productivity of the workforce there is no doubt that employee engagement should be at the top of the agenda for any business. 

A recent survey discovered that a staggering number of employees do not feel engaged at work, with 48% saying they were only moderately engaged, and 15% claiming to have low – or even no – engagement.

And in a mobile-first, cloud-first world, with more and more people working from tablet and mobile devices away from the office, empowering employees with the tools and resources to engage more effectively with the business has never been so important. 

ClearPeople have developed the Essentials Intranet to enhance business productivity and improve internal communication and collaboration. Understand how it can benefit your business by watching our short video demonstration.

Enhancing Employee Engagement

The purpose of an intranet is to share knowledge, encourage team collaboration and provide staff with the tools to get their jobs done more easily. Key to an intranet’s success is how engaged people are with it. It can contain the best knowledge and resources your company has to offer, but if it isn’t actively being used by your employees, it’s a wasted investment.

The Essentials Intranet has employee engagement at its core. Designed around the needs of your workforce, it enables your teams to get access to the latest news, documents and applications and collaborate effectively with one another from whatever device they are on, wherever they are.

It is not a product - we don’t make “intranets in a box.” Our team of Consultagents have lovingly crafted all the essential elements of an engaging intranet experience from creative design to award-winning UX, based on years of experience and best practice, that are tailored to your specific needs and focussed on successful outcomes.

A SharePoint solution, on-premise or in the Cloud

Built on SharePoint in Office 365, the Essentials Intranet provides your team with an engaging user experience as well as some familiar features that are easy to use for communication and collaboration.

Combining elements from communication and collaboration tools to document management, search and analytics, we can deploy your intranet just as easily on-premises as in the cloud. 

The solution puts people first and features second

Sure, it leverages the best advanced features that Office 365 has to offer, but it’s the simple, user-centred design and information architecture that sets the Essential Communications Intranet apart.

We focus on truly engaging your teams with an intranet experience that specifically helps them meet their daily goals rather than designing an intranet packed with features that go unused. And we work with you to constantly measure user engagement to ensure we optimise its adoption post launch. 

What it looks like

Essentials Intranet on Office 365

We didn’t win the Design Agency of the Year accolade for nothing – we like things to look good. But it’s not just about pretty pictures, our UX experts know a thing or two about combining creative design with technology based on rigorous user research. They’ve worked alongside our techies to identify the essential elements that allow your employees to work more effectively. And they’ve packaged these up to provide your organisation with a proven solution guaranteed to improve employee engagement.

Why choose the Essential Communications Intranet?

Especially for you

The design and layout of your intranet is standardised and proven by our expert user experience team to enhance employee engagement. We will apply your company’s brand and style settings to your Essentials Intranet meaning its overall look and feel will truly reflect your culture.  

Fixed price

It is not license based and doesn’t require any extra subscriptions, or proprietary code, meaning there are no hidden costs.

Easy to understand

Our Consultagents help you to navigate the complexities of intranet development, helping you to understand where you are on your digital transformation journey and making a positive difference to your business.

Minimal IT impact

Your internal IT team will be pleased to know that not only will your intranet be based on a secure, robust and scalable solution, but also the impact on their team will be minimal.

Continued Success

We’ll provide one of our Consultagents on-site for go-live to help out and answer questions, walk the floor and generally assist where needed to make sure you get off to a great start with your Essentials Intranet. Our ongoing success services ensures that your intranet is not only engaging when launched,  but months later will continue to be useful. 

The business benefits

As if a happier and more engaged workforce wasn’t enough, the Essentials Intranet has a massive impact on your bottom line:

  • Reduce travel and communication costs by up to 20%
    Overcome distance and time zone barriers with a collaborative solution that helps your employees work on the go.

  • Decrease operational costs by 10% and increase knowledge access by 30%
    Provide your employees with an exceptional self-service experience allowing them to share content and information easily, with easy to use search functionality.

  • Increase your customer satisfaction levels by 18% with 10% higher customer loyalty
    Serve your customers faster with the ability to make better decisions and improve employee access to information.

  • Increase your revenue by 10% 
    A more productive and efficient workforce will see your profits rise

  • Witness a 12% spike in productivity with a happier, more engaged team
    Happy employees are key to a profitable business and the more engaged they are with your business, the higher the rate of retention. 

  • Gain a 20-30% increase in access to expertise 
    Induct your new hires much faster by giving them quick and easy access to policies, documents and know-how

Flexible pricing options

We have pricing options to suit your organisation. Contact us for further details.

Don't just take our word for it...

We’ve been creating enhanced communications intranets since inception in 2003. We know what works to drive employee engagement and adoption for our clients, and what doesn’t.

Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer's Society SharePoint Intranet

The new intranet design is slick, modular and intuitive giving a sense of community which ensures that volunteers and permanent employees alike feel like part of a team.

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