The Document Collaboration solution for the Digital Workspace

Our team has been working with the Microsoft Matter Center team since early 2015 and have been part of the early adoption cycles along with pilot clients. We are now building solutions leveraging Matter Center for Office 365 often under the headline of Modern Workspace, Digital Workplace or as we call it, the Digital Workspace. 

On our journey with our clients – one thing has become very clear:

The Digital Workspace is more than an intranet or an information portal. To really take advantage of the technology around us and of the “second nature tech” skills that our younger colleagues bring to the table when they join the workforce, we need to think beyond our traditional frame of mind, locked into patterns of habits and outdated learning.

This is where Matter Center for O365 fits in. While it focuses on matter centric management of data, it is not a solution which is intended to compete with incumbent or traditional solutions for document management. Together with Office 365 it offers a foundation on which to build truly collaborative Document Collaboration solutions.

What is Matter Center?

While Microsoft have made a rather big splash about it, it does not appear to have been appreciated as much as it should be in the market place. Microsoft are promoting, supporting and releasing Open Source solutions, frameworks and products. Yes, Open Source. Matter Center for Office365 is an example of this, released under a “MIT Open Source license” via GitHub to the Microsoft partner community.

In Microsoft’s own words it is “a document management and collaboration solution built using the Office app development model, Azure and SharePoint”.

Furthermore, having released it via GitHub it is the hope that specialist partners can provide value added extensions and improvements which target specific regions or segments of the market. For instance, In-House legal for UK Financial Services or for Litigation Lawyers requiring collaboration, task management and document management to work efficiently to the Precedent H guidance and best practice.

It therefore offers a huge opportunity for end user organisations and Microsoft partners to work in collaboration to build a highly effective Digital Workspace.

What can ClearPeople offer as a Microsoft “Matter Center for Office 365” partner?


Our team will be delighted to demo the standard features of Matter Center in face-to-face demos or over Skype / Webex sessions depending on your team’s location.
Contact our team now to arrange a demo.

Bespoke showcase sessions with your teams

We can organise bespoke showcase sessions for your organisation, taking into account special circumstances or user journeys to make demonstrations and discussions more appropriate for your specific organisation, sector or region. Showcase sessions are typically face-to-face in workshop format, using the demonstration environment as a hands-on example to support discussions and articulate example or user journeys.
Contact our team now to arrange a bespoke showcase session.

Digital Workspace with Matter Center Pilot Project

For organisations that are ready to go on a journey to explore and pilot the next generation of document collaboration with bespoke features, functions and user experience suitable for leading organisations seeking a to build competitive advantage through technology adoption and efficiency.
Contact our team now to start your journey.

Document Collaboration Essentials with Office 365 Matter Center

Our “Ready-to-Wear” essentials for Document Management, leveraging the standard Matter Center for Office 365 features. 
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As a System Integrator and consultancy, in true Consultagency form, we work for and on behalf of our clients, partnering with best of breed third party solutions, some of which are also Matter Center partners. These include MacroView (for desktop based MS Office add-ons), Metalogix or Sharegate (for Migration tools) and BA Insight (for Enterprise Search and Auto-classification).

We’d be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail. Get in touch for further information. 

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