Essentials Collateral Manager helps to bring together all new and existing marketing assets under one digital roof, helping you to find what you need quickly all the while maintaining brand consistency and improving collaboration between your team.

Does your marketing team struggle to find the right assets they need quickly? Are you finding it difficult to keep your brand identity consistent with outdated images and logos being used regularly? Is your team aware when marketing content gets updated or is no longer in use?

Essentials Collateral Manager is a cloud-based solution that is quick to deploy and easy-to-use, providing employees, clients, contractors and any other key stakeholders-controlled access to digital assets.  Make your marketing team’s lives easier by having all your digital assets like images, videos, presentations, logos and more in a centralised place that users can access from anywhere at any time. Quickly find the content you are looking for, easily share with team members, or download all your favourite images at once. 


A platform to manage all your digital assets in one single place in a quick and easy manner:

  • Quickly access your digital media anytime, anywhere and securely 24/7 whether you’re at your desk, working from home or on client site halfway around the world
  • Easily share digital content with your team members
  • Quick adoption through intuitive user interface 
  • Control your company branding by keeping it consistent


Save, set up, search and share your digital assets in a quick and easy way to work more efficiently.    

Mobile first 

The entire system is fully functional and adapted to mobile and tablet interfaces and available in all internet browsers supported by SharePoint. 


Give access to your digital assets to authorised users only is easy via single sign on by using your organisation’s login details. Assign different roles to users to control the permissions. 

Shopping cart

The shopping cart is an innovative feature that enables users to add certain items to a virtual basket. This makes it easy to checkout materials and manage assets through a shared calendar.


Users are able to see how many times a file has been downloaded or viewed. For assets that are in the shopping cart, the system takes into account the existing stock for an item, avoiding exceeding the current stock. 


Save all your favourite digital assets in your lightbox, making it easier to download and share with others. Also, users can download multiple images en masse.

Smart tags

We’ve made it simple to label media items with keywords and even easier with the help of artificial intelligence. Images are automatically recognised and relevant keyword tags are suggested - making it much easier to search, filter and download relevant assets.

Content notification system

A custom notification system that alerts users when content has been modified. This way, users know that they are always using the latest version of this specific content. 

Detail panel

Extension that allows users to select an item from a document library and displays additional details and options such as image information, other image formats, download low- or high-resolution file or any other related items. 

Visual Guidelines

We can make PDF download options available of your visual guidelines,  whether you need the entire document or just one specific chunk of information to keep brand consistency.

Not convinced yet that you need a collateral management solution? Then, this may persuade you:

  • Time cost – the classic economic analysis where time spent by staff locating assets is not time spent producing , servicing or selling
  • Duplication of effort – recreating material from scratch because assets could not be found or were not shared in the first place
  • Inefficient requests – repeated, time-consuming requests for the supply of materials because of the lack of a good self-service system
  • Loss of IP – difficulty in sharing assets via email due to file size restrictions may result in staff turning to uncontrolled file share services which are harder to govern

Get in touch to arrange a demo and we’ll be happy to show you how you can easily manage all your digital files from one single place.

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