One of the biggest challenges facing our customers is massive data growth and the amount of storage management work required to keep up with it. 

StorSimple for any data

Microsoft's StorSimple devices provides us with an excellent way to address these challenges. Some of the key features of StorSimple are:

  • Performance and scalability – Massively scalable hybrid Cloud storage with larger on-premises capacity for SSD and HDD
  • Data mobility – Access to enterprise data in Microsoft Azure through the StorSimple Virtual Appliance (8000 series only)
  • Consolidated management – Azure portal to manage geographically dispersed physical arrays and virtual appliances, data protection policies and data mobility (8000 series only)

Manage and store SharePoint data

Our team of expert "blob offloading experts" (we just love that term) work with our customers to reduce SharePoint storage cost, while improving speed and performance. We leverage Metalogix StoragePoint for many "large repository" solutions to store unstructured SharePoint data or binary large objects (BLOBs) outside of SharePoint's SQL Server-based content databases. In effect we "offload" the data on to virtually any type of external storage including SAN, NAS and cloud platforms.

This improves SharePoint performance and manageability, reduces storage costs and simplifies backup.

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