Upgrading your Sitecore Website

Sitecore 8.2 is here! And it offers some great new features on top of the last release. Sitecore is a leading-edge platform defined by its innovation, and as it continues to mature it’s important to upgrade to the latest version to unlock its new tools and features and keep up with the competition.

What’s more, by upgrading to the latest version, you’ll be eligible for the very best support to get the most out of your website.

But it can be time-consuming, difficult to plan and have a major operational impact if not implemented correctly.

ClearPeople is a Gold Sitecore partner, so we know a thing or two about successful website upgrades, including the challenges it can bring. Having worked with organisations like the National Autistic Society and global law firm, CMS, we have the expertise in-house to advise you on the best approach to upgrading your Sitecore website. 

Upgrade Readiness

Our experienced Consultagents will work with you to assess your current Sitecore solution in three steps and recommend the best approach to take when upgrading your website:

1. Functional Assessment

What key features does your website use and are they being utilised effectively? What are the major pain points with your current system for both content editors and end-users? We’ll get to the root of your website and identify all this and more.

2. Technical Assessment

We’ll review your platform and code to make the upgrade process as seamless as possible. Our Consultagents will look at any customisations and integrations with other line-of-business systems that may be affected by an upgrade and we’ll focus on assessing your infrastructure, providing expertise and advice to build your Sitecore infrastructure in both internal, classic data-centre hosting, as well as leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform. 

3. License Review

We’ll unravel your current license agreement and work with you to understand if it will need to be updated to reflect the latest topology recommendations, as well as introducing xDb and associated MongoDb technology.

Our Recommendations Report will include a bespoke roadmap for your upgrade approach as well as suggesting modifications to fully leverage some of Sitecore’s key features around personalisation and analytics.

The Sitecore Upgrade

A website upgrade project demands intensive planning and implementation to ensure your organisation meets hard deadlines and more importantly, remains within budget. We’ll work with you to put your upgrade roadmap into action, performing a test upgrade before a final upgraded solution to ensure you can fulfil your full digital potential and give your customers the best possible experience online. 
If your current Sitecore website is reaching the end of its support lifecycle, we can work with you to better manage this end-of-life transition and to fully understand how the latest technology can help your business provide a better customer experience. 

How ClearPeople can help

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