Data Migration

Our recommendation is always to keep migrations as simple as possible and use out-of-the-box tools if at all possible. The reality is that a data migration is rarely as simple as it initially appears, and is often fraught with "exceptions to the rules" and requires thorough planning, testing and validation.

Naturally, for the migration of large content and data volumes - strong methods, tools and automated scripts are a must-have. For complex requirements involving data transformations and business logic, we may need to build a customisation layer to support “real life” scenarios.

So, while continuing to develop strong migration tools and methodologies, ClearPeople work with a range of software vendors, including Sharegate and Metalogix, to ensure that we can address the basic migration requirements with efficient tools. 

Migration methodology

Migrations are rarely successful by just pushing a button. You may be lucky that you require a "one-to-one" migration from a file share or from one version of SharePoint to another, and if so - we can recommend one of our preferred tools.

Real life migrations are often complex projects involving multiple stages, complex data mapping, data transformation and also validation rules. They can require a surprising amount of analysis, planning and preparation upfront and can also at times uncover issues around data quality in the source systems.

All this requires careful and detailed project execution, which ClearPeople encapsulates in our methodology. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula - hard work and lots of planning as well as preparation is required. In summary, before you can run your first real migration we normally complete the following steps:

  • Analyse
  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • Test
  • Adjust
  • Simulate
  • Validate
  • and Repeat... until you can confirm that the simulated outcome meets your expected outcome

Then we move on to the real migration of data through the following steps: 

  • Prepare
  • Execute
  • Validate
  • Repeat in batches/stages

Migration tools

ClearPeople partners with Sharegate and Metalogix to leverage their Content Matrix migration tools, covering scenarios such as:

  • SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 to SharePoint
  • File Shares to SharePoint
  • Other ECMs to SharePoint

How ClearPeople can help

For more information on how ClearPeople can ensure your migration project is smooth and successful, please contact us.

Data Migration