Always Mobile

Our expertise in mobile design and development extends the reach of your users in a mobile-first, cloud-first world, enabling them to be more connected than ever before.

Our development team have been building responsive websites and applications for over 10 years, working with custom applications for native systems on demand and applying this experience to cross-platform operating systems covering iOS, Android and Windows 10. 

All ClearPeople’s solutions are mobile responsive by default, meaning your users have a fluid and engaging experience when interacting with your brand online no matter what device they choose to use.

What can we do for you?

As leaders in the digital workspace, our mobile solutions can help your business excel in both its internal and external communications. We will create a robust mobile strategy based on your goals and objectives, with a particular focus on user experience. 

We’ll help you enable your staff, partners and affiliates to work more efficiently wherever they are in the world, reliably and securely. Our custom development of cross-platform applications can help your workforce find the right people in your company, track their working hours and log their time, as well as grant access to your intranet features directly from their pocket – both online and offline. What’s more, give your workforce the flexibility to work on systems regardless of their device. Whether your business has its own bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy or has a mobile device strategy, our team can assist you to implement and deliver an outstanding global remote working service.  

For your customers, our mobile applications allow you to enrich your engagement approach and increase brand awareness, enable a seamless mobile log-in experience, provide secure access to data with the touch of a fingertip, and encourage donations on the go.

Why choose ClearPeople? 

With four out of five UK adults now owning a smartphone, and almost two-thirds of UK adults having access to a tablet, optimising your content for mobile has never been so important.

Our expertise in delivering mobile-ready web applications combined with a heavy investment in native applications that integrate with Office 365 and SharePoint on-premise means that your employees and customers alike can interact with your brand wherever they are, on whatever device they use. 

As standard, all our solutions are built for mobile devices with a minimum of three screen sizes to a wider bespoke range if required. Our native cross-platform applications are delivered by using the Microsoft Xamarin framework, our preferred approach, that provides complex and reliable client-server applications as well as API integration, native apps and more. This allows us to provide a frictionless experience of your brand, with the same app running smoothly across the most common mobile devices in the market like iPhones and typical Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy series, as well as tablet and desktop formats like the iPad or Surface Pro. 

Let's talk mobile!

If you’d like to discuss your mobile strategy with one of our experienced consultants, get in touch today and we’ll work with you to develop and test an approach that works best for your business.