Discovery - A Foundation for Success

An often undervalued but essential part of any digital project is the discovery phase. Discovery can mean a lot of different things to different people but it all comes down to the basic meaning of the word:

“The action or process of discovering or being discovered.” 

This statement, for professionals working in the digital landscape, means finding out the:

  • What – what is being created 
  • Who – who is it being created for 
  • Why – why we are creating it 
  • How – how we are going to create it 
  • When – when we will deliver it

This applies to anything being built or created. You wouldn’t commission an architect to design you a house without comprehensively describing what you wanted and needed. Furthermore you would expect them to tell you what material it was being built from and when you could move in, right? 

This is, of course, the same for technology-based solutions from intranets and extranets to websites, web apps and mobile apps. 

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