Is Your Website Flash Content Ready for IE10?

by Vicent Galiana, Senior Sitecore Developer@ClearPeople


With the release of Windows 8 nearing and the full release of Internet Explorer 10 imminent, Microsoft has released some information for developers regarding the use of Adobe Flash Player on websites when viewed in the new IE10 desktop and metro versions.

Windows 8 and IE 10 will use the same integrated Flash Player – which means users will not need to download and install the Flash Player from Adobe before being able to view content. However, developers will need to make some adjustments to existing pages to ensure the Flash based content on these pages will continue to function in IE10. Sites requiring additional plug-ins can use an HTTP header or META tag to IE10 switch from the IE metro version to the desktop version.

Additionally, the Compatibility View (CV) can specify whether a site needs to run in the desktop version and prompt the user to switch if required. However, only sites that are on the CV for Flash can play Flash content within IE10 in the new Windows UI. We highly recommend that developers check out the full post on Microsoft’s IE Developer Network with tips for developers and content publishers to ensure that your site is compliant with the new versions of IE and Windows ready for their release.