Digital Disruption & the Cloud Factor

26th November, 2015

With the advent of companies like Uber and Netflix changing the landscape in their respective industries, and the rise of Cloud technology, we’re all very aware of the potential these “Digital Disruptors” have in revolutionising the way we consume.

As the world has become more and more digitalised, consumer expectations have evolved and so to meet and exceed your customer’s needs, businesses need to look to technology to enable positive change.

There’s no doubt that Cloud technology is becoming the glue that holds an organisation’s Digital Workspace together – and it comes in many different flavours. But how do you know what is the right flavour for your business? And how will Cloud technology impact your employees and your overall business strategy and processes?

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9:15 AM - 1:00 PM

Microsoft Office, Cardinal Place, 

80-100 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL

Searching for the Superstar of the Digital Workspace

You be the Judge!  At our Cloud Factor Bootcamp, we’ll discuss the ways in which harnessing the Cloud in your Digital Workspace will give you the edge and help you rise above the competition. 

Join us for over breakfast where our Cloud mentors will help guide you through Microsoft’s Cloud Services so you can find out how your business can benefit from adopting Private, Hybrid & Public clouds. 

Whether you’re ready for the Cloud or just want to find out more information from the experts, this masterclass is designed to help you get access to our specialist consultants who will explain everything you need to know about enhancing business productivity and making your Digital Workspace as efficient as possible. We’ll highlight the key to successfully choosing the right Cloud platform for your organisation and the impact the change will have on your people and processes. 

Who should attend?

This webinar series is specifically designed for Business Decision Makers, CTO's, CSO's, IT Pros, Comms Teams and Project staff involved in their organisation's technical and digital strategy.

What our guests say...

“At a ClearPeople seminar, the speakers talk about the issues we all face.” Gensler

“It makes you think about where your organisation is, and where it has to get to.” Alliance Trust

“It helps to inform the implementation of your organisation’s transformation strategy.” Independent Standards Parliamentary Authority

“The event was very good and the collaboration was great. All staff were very friendly.” Fred Perry

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