Sitecore Digital Marketing Summit

5th May, 2016

As marketers today, we face more challenges and bigger business demands than ever before. Our reality is “do more with less, using new technologies”. No small feat, indeed.

To succeed, we have to rethink our marketing and do away with the hurdles that hold us back. As marketers, we must demand more transformation.

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

ETC. St Pauls
200 Aldergate Street
London EC1A

Demand more transformation - rethink your marketing

Sitecore’s Digital Marketing Summit provides all the inspiration you need to rethink your marketing and gives you the tools to act.

Become the marketer of the future today. Join the summit.

With keynotes from thought leaders, insight from analyst firm Forrester Research, numerous breakouts and stories from organizations just like your own, the Digital Marketing Summit from Sitecore has content for business and technical professionals alike.

ClearPeople will be joining uCommerce’s Søren Spelling Lund on stage at 1.30pm to discuss the journey the Cystic Fibrosis Trust have taken with Sitecore and uCommerce to help achieve some ambitious targets over the next five years.

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