Making Your Intranet a Success

15th July, 2016

When it comes to implementing internal systems for increased employee engagement to create a truly enhanced digital workspace, the investments in technology can be huge. 

In order to plan for the investments necessary to transform your organisation’s internal communications and enhance business productivity, you first need to understand the behaviours and needs of your workforce.

And once you’re on the path to enhancing your digital workspace, how do you ensure that your employees adopt the new technology and demonstrate true ROI for your business through increased engagement?

9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Microsoft's London Office 

2 Kingdom Street

London W2 6BD

Planning for Change and Driving Adoption

Join our informal breakfast seminar, with guest speakers including James Akrigg, Head of Technology at Microsoft and Paul Jenkins, Head of Projects and Change at global law firm Holman Fenwick Willan, who will provide you with some real insights and advice. In light of the recent vote, we’ve added Brexit to our agenda and will be joined by an expert who will provide comment and analysis on what Brexit means for your business.

Learn how to:

  • Understand the behaviour, motivations and goals of your employees through a user-centred approach to enquiry
  • Create story maps and deep-dive into the digital interactions they have with your organisation and how to improve upon them
  • Prioritise business value and key employee touchpoints to achieve some quick wins for increased productivity
  • Transition into new technology and processes, and create an adoption plan
  • Test and learn through an agile approach to a long-term programme of works

Who's attending?

This informal session will give you the chance to hear from industry leaders and network with attendees inlcuding Marketing Directors and Managers, Communications Managers, Intranet and Knowldege Managers, and IT professionals across a range of verticals.

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