Delivering Intranet Success

25th January, 2017

Internal communication and collaboration is now more than ever, key to law firms. And when it comes to implementing the systems and staff to make this a reality, the investments can be large.

So what happens when a shiny new intranet, knowledge management or document management system is deployed? Everybody uses it how you envisioned they would, productivity is enhanced and you prove ROI to your senior stakeholders in the first 3 months, right? 

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

The Aircraft Factory

100 Cambridge Grove

London W6 0LE

Mastering adoption and engagement

Without an adoption and engagement programme in place, law firms continue to struggle to ensure that the new technology they implement is fully understood and utilised by their workforce.

We are working with our clients more and more to develop ways to encourage user adoption and engagement and truly demonstrate ROI back to the business. 

We’ll be hosting a roundtable session at our new office in Hammersmith where we invite you to share your experiences with your peers and talk through the challenges, and more importantly, the opportunities that engagement strategies present.

Who should attend? 

This roundtable session has been designed specifically to allow Intranet Managers, Marketing and Communications professionals, HR teams and Knowledge Managers to learn from each other's experiences within the legal sector.

What our guests say:

“At a ClearPeople seminar, the speakers talk about the issues we all face.” Gensler

“It makes you think about where your organisation is, and where it has to get to.” Alliance Trust

“It helps to inform the implementation of your organisation’s transformation strategy.” Independent Standards Parliamentary Authority

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