Digital Disruption - Welcome to the new Digital Workspace

17th September, 2015

With the advent of companies like Uber and Netflix changing the landscape in their respective industries, we’re all very aware of the potential these “Digital Disruptors” have in revolutionising the way we consume.

9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Microsoft Office, Cardinal Place, 80-100 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL

Digital Disruption - Welcome to the new Digital Workspace

As the world has become more and more digitalised, consumer expectations have evolved and so to meet and exceed your customer’s needs, businesses need to look to technology to enable positive change.

This breakfast seminar aims to shed some light on how digital technology can transform your business, both externally through optimising communications with your customers, and internally, by adapting  processes and systems for your employees.


9.30am – Registration and Breakfast

10.00am - Introductions

10.20am - The World has Changed (Digital Engagement Consultant, Sitecore)

What is digital disruption? And why is disruption a good thing? We’ll talk through some real world examples to show you how customer’s needs have driven positive change in many industries. We’ll discuss in particular how digital technology enables you to optimise your customer’s experience online at every touchpoint on their journey.

10.50am - The Workforce has Changed (Katya Linossi, Managing Director, ClearPeople)

This session will focus on how the changes in the workforce can be improved and optimised through technology. We’ll argue that by disrupting the norm and reviewing clunky internal systems, and more traditional infrastructures and processes, your organisation can develop ways to streamline processes, reduce resources and increase productivity and efficiency.

11.20am - Break and refreshments

11.30am - People Change Management (Malcolm Bullock, Partner Business Productivity Architect, Microsoft)

People are often the blockers for change and agility in business, especially when it comes to digital technology. In order for your business to grow and adapt, Malcolm will discuss how people change management is an integral part of your digital transformation strategy. 

11.45am - Cystic Fibrosis Trust’s Digital Vision (Clint Golding, Website & Digital Development Manager)

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust (CFT) is the only UK-wide charity dedicated to beating cystic fibrosis for good, and has some ambitious fundraising targets over the next five years. Clint Golding will discuss CFT’s digital vision for the future, and how they aim to use Sitecore, SharePoint and the Cloud to transform their business and achieve their objectives.

12.00pm - Close

Who should attend?

This event is specifically designed for CMO's, Marketing Directors and Managers and Digital teams intersested in how technology and  digital strategy projects within their organisations will benefit their end users, both internally and externally. It will give you an opportunity to network with your peers and glean insight from our expert panel.

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