Cloud for Legal at CMS CMcK

3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

London - Mitre House, 7th floor
CMS Cameron McKenna LLP
Mitre House
160 Aldersgate Street
EC1A 4DD London, England

Cloud Services Masterclass for Cloud CIOs and IT Pros

17th July 2014

The market change in recent years is clearly driving unprecedented change resulting in the legal industry taking the lead over other markets when it comes to innovation and technology.

As part of the Microsoft commitment to share best practice(s) and insights, this briefing will outline how CMS CMcK have adopted a modern IT infrastructure to launch various services in Microsoft Datacentres allowing for scale and service flexibility. 

The briefing will open up a discussion between fellow Legal IT Directors – to share insights and ideas.

CMS CMcK’s would like to host you at their offices in London on the 17th of July.

Open Agenda from 3:00 to 5:30 PM followed by drinks/cocktails nearby

  • Overview of CMS utilisation of Microsoft Datacenter services
  • Suggested Discussion points
  • Show-stoppers for utilising modern infrastructure platforms, and picking your battles with your Compliance team
  • How to deliver fast result, by picking initial risk-free workloads for new world of work infrastructures
  • Avoiding The cloud discussion or having the right cloud conversation
  • How to calculate the ROI when comparing to classic data centre hosting

Technical demos during sessions:

  • Demo of geo replication of services
  • Demo of a multi-factor authentication scenario

Close & Cocktails