Autumn Webinar Series

Autumn 2015

How successful do you think your organisation is in achieving your internal communications goals? How much do you know about the Cloud and how it can help transform your business?

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

De-mystifying the Cloud

This autumn we’ll be running a series of webinars designed to help you get access to experts to explain everything you need to know to realise your Digital Workspace through the power of Cloud. 

The sessions will aim to demonstrate how the Cloud delivers against your business goals and how you align and leverage technology to become more productive and do business anywhere, all the while keeping your data secure.

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Session 1: Journey to the Cloud - Building your Business Case

Wednesday 7th October, 10am – 11am

A lot of businesses are looking to cloud technologies to help them adapt more quickly to change. And every business today is focused on reducing costs wherever possible, and technology costs are no exception. But what solution is right for you? This session will demonstrate how the Cloud can help your business, and more importantly how to get the right balance of simplicity, flexibility and cost for your specific needs. Learn from our experts how to leverage the Cloud’s speed and scalability to enable your business to improve productivity and avoid high capital expenses.

Session 2: Building Confidence in the Cloud – Compliance and Governance  

Wednesday 21st October, 10am – 11am

Is the Cloud secure? Businesses have an abundance of data that they need to store and access. And today, more people than ever are working outside of the office on a range of mobile devices. With the explosion of mobile device usage at work and the exponential growth of data, this session will focus on how to protect your data and prepare for the unexpected. Our experts will discuss your concerns around security and governance, talking you through the Cloud’s resilience and recovery capabilities, as well as building your overall confidence in the Cloud.

Session 3: Riding the Cloud - Adoption and Transition

Wednesday 4th November, 10am – 11am

You’re convinced the Cloud is right for you and you’re ready to start worrying more about running your overall business rather than running your infrastructure. But how do you transition to the Cloud? This session will see our experts guide you through the steps to take to adopt cloud technology, showing you practical examples of what the Cloud journey looks like. Join this webinar to see example use cases of how businesses are making the most out of the Cloud. 

Who should attend?

This webinar series is specifically designed for Business Decision Makers, CTO's, CSO's, IT Pros, Comms Teams and Project staff involved in their organisation's technical and digital strategy.

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