My Work Experience at ClearPeople

Posted 18 March 2016 12:00 AM by Quentin Clerc

''Knowing that you are alone in an unknown city in a foreign country can be intimidating at first, but it is rewarding to know that you can survive in any city in the world!''

My name is Quentin Clerc, and I’m a French student living in Versailles which is a lovely town situated 20 kilometres away from Paris. Unfortunately, no… I don’t live in the palace! I am part of a 10-day exchange program taking place between my school in France and the Godolphin & Latimer school in London. However, this trip to England was not to do sightseeing, but rather to gain work experience. 

In the future, I would like to become an airline pilot, but I am also interested in the IT world. This is why I chose to complete my work experience with ClearPeople. The company is a “new hybrid breed of business offering technical consulting with digital agency services”. This mixture of expertise and offerings was the perfect company for me to discover the IT world from both a technical and creative perspective. During the time I spent at ClearPeople, I was able to discover many unknown aspects of this particular industry. 

First of all, would you enjoy being authorised to break stuff? I don’t know about you, but I particularly enjoyed intentionally destroying some hard drives. Wherever they are located, simply in a box or completely fixed in a computer, you sometimes will need to destroy these disks to prevent any sensitive information from being read. This was a responsibility of the maintenance department. This team also showed me how they spend their days trying to solve or fix computer software (programs) or hardware (material) issues, as well as configuring computers for all of the employees.

What about educating yourself? This is possible here! Indeed, while I was working at ClearPeople I conducted a lot of research. Being able to stay up to date in this rapidly changing field is important. It was definitely a great experience and helped me learn about different technologies and software that I previously didn't know of! I got to visit some beautiful hotels in the centre of London to attend gorgeous conferences while eating some delicious pastries! Isn't this sounding absolutely wonderful? This is the type of situation you can experience here at ClearPeople, when you are attending conferences that the company is organising about various fascinating IT topics!

Do you want to meet some amazing people? While doing an exchange, you will meet many people, such as your host family! But even at work, you will meet some people such as Jeremy and Ricky who are two incredibly friendly people! You will right away feel at home on your first day. My work experience with ClearPeople has been an amazing experience. Being able to work in this open space while interacting with every employee turned my work experience into something completely different from any other company. Being able to discover the IT industry from several perspectives was a very fascinating and enjoyable experience.

Living a Londoner’s life for a week was very exciting! Even if it is quite similar to a Parisian one, it is always very exciting to go to another country and it is always a big change in someone’s life. For instance, having to speak constantly in another language is quite unusual. Knowing that you are alone in an unknown city in a foreign country can be intimidating at first, but it is rewarding to know that you can survive in any city in the world! Overall, it was a very good experience that I would definitely recommend to everyone! 

Thank you ClearPeople!


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