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Posted 23 June 2016 12:00 AM by Emma Stern, Head of Managed Services @ ClearPeople

Monitoring Made Simple


ClearPeople’s approach to Managed Services is to keep things simple; we want you to enjoy using the technology that helps you perform your daily tasks. 

We’ve put some monitoring packages together to provide easy, real-time altering that will keep your systems running in tip top shape.

Read more about how ClearPeople can help monitor your systems.

We have a highly skilled team, backed by Microsoft Support services that deliver a wide range of services from reactive break/fix support to health checks and 24x7 monitoring across SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and Sitecore. 

Allow us to empower your business by setting up real-time operational insights using search and custom dashboards that monitor and alert on what is important to you.

With monitoring set up, we can advise you on everything from best practice workload configuration to over-allocated virtual machines as well as identifying application code that is impacting performance.


  • Identify stale and over-allocated VMs
  • Identify missing file links in application code
  • Allows capacity planning
  • Fully audited change tracking
  • Alerting on:
    • Missing Windows updates
    • Missing server protection
    • CPU usage
    • Backup successes and failures

Give us a call to see how we can help you.


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